REVIEW: Dreamfield – “Christopher’s Dream”

By May Wiseman

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Christopher's Dream“Dreamfield would like their music to be listened to in a dimly lit room, after midnight, preferably with headphones,” is what the press kit reads. Who has time for armchair listening? Reckoning we are all something of no nonsense partial time managers, this four-track demo from London can be enjoyed at any hour and without headphones. The disc contains the same song, Christopher’s Dream, all spiffed up in three various fashions, as well as another subtle effort called Alive.

Some things unique that should be pointed out; there’s a non-formal psychedelic tinge of clarinet Gregg McKella blends into the body of each of these four songs providing structure for the rich vocal harmonies inside Poppy Gonzalez and Amy Tucker. Also a thick synth piece found on the Anime Mix of the CD is a sloppy perfect mess most rave fanatics would wet themselves over. The talent is quite there and refreshing in the same tone.

A layered effect on Christopher’s Dream, similar to Portishead, starts the disc with heavy bass lines and the cheap sound of scratching records, all safely distorted for a near four minute track. Our next endeavor with the CD is the Dark Mix, which is a partial finding in my lap, for the tunes’ simple ability to run a dramatic course in the same amount of time it took to run the other two versions of the song. Beautifully mastered with lush vocal tracks, deeper bass lines and drawn out sythns to add a mysterious tone. For the last version, the Anime Mix of Christopher’s Dream, they’ve decided to include what everyone else seems to; and that’s the strange voice blurbs. It’s a rave tune as previously stated.

Reverting back to that time issue in paragraph one – for those who honestly just don’t have a moment to relax, your safe after nightfall if you want to take a quick listen. And for those lucky bastards that shun responsibility – you may want to sit a spell in your bark-a-lounger and eat your cheese puffs all night listening to Dreamfield (see I just gave you something to do). Either way, the music is not wasted space for precious evening hours.

Contact Information:
Post: Dream Records UK, Ewart St., Brighton, BNZ 9VQ, United Kingdom

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