REVIEW: Low Technicians – “Remembrance”

By May Wiseman

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RemembranceBrian Pearson and Brad MacAllister are going to make the beginning of this review puffy as hell, but eh – who cares when you got something good spinning around inside that player you know? The two “Low Technicians” are joined at the hip and have nary an inch to spare with their apparent penchants for new wave, techno and hefty guitar pop which all meld together to form this synth pop fireball Remembrance.

Compiled of universal soundscapes for Pearson’s intricate guitar work, the music emits mellow rhythms for MacAllister's sequencing on synths and vocal tracks. The disc begins with a catchy pop tune Paris which ends up being the only song on the disc that leaves out the synth while incorporating in the bridge an acoustic guitar. The rest of the disc is majority techno. Something akin to Depeche Mode and it truly did not stand out above the other techno bands out there right now like, say, Funkervogt does. Paris deserves attention for the song’s unique ability to platform the raw talent found in both artists. The lyrics fit snuggly into the same pocket of the song’s incredible dynamic structure while using a hefty bass line pervasively to build on acoustics. That’s not such a simple, or common, event in music.

For the other ten tracks on Remembrance – they are filled with heavy electronic mixtures and slight drum beats comparable to German discothèque music or rave techno. The vocals are distorted with effects. These Words is an instrumental filled with looping and nice guitar leads – the one factor that turns common techno into something other than would-be the guitar work simply because bands have not incorporated the rawness of guitar leads into dance jigs since the eighties. A Dream and Desolation use nearly the same style of dynamics – heavy synths with guitar leads placed where bass lines would normally go. Random Event uses a rich female vocalist, Jennifer Leathers, and switches up to a steadier rhythm with fast paced drum tracks.

The vocals throughout the album are very sharp and easily deciphered which is quite relieving when you’re having an anti-heavy thought moment. The two guys work well together and the music together is complimenting to each other’s style in a quick manner – you can hear the communication in sound right away. If you like sexed up techno you are going to really dig this album with its unique guitar tracks.

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