REVIEW: Thy Veils – “The Diaphanous Depressions”

By Mike Ventarola

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The Diaphonous DepressionsRomanian artist, Thy Veils, presents the dark music world with a 4th release entitled The Diaphanous Depressions. Within the confines of this disc one will hear elements of world fusion, neo-classical and ambient sounds crafted with a similarity to artists such as Midnight Syndicate, Zoar or A Murder of Angels. While there is much here that is introspective, there is no doubt that the somber and morose elements were designed for night listening. In some cases the tracks are a minute or less, acting as segues for the more bombastic and larger pieces that follow.

Fans of vampire lore will find this CD a welcome respite with its haunted vocal effects interspersed with meandering tones balanced with tranquility and intensity almost simultaneously. Overall, the music is lush and darkly romantic in a macabre sort of way.

Night Dessert introduces a bittersweet and longing essence that is rendered as mysterious and encapsulating. Middle Eastern tones are underscored throughout this piece providing a track of nomadic, yet macabre, propensity. The Depths has us confront that dark region of our own psyche. Churchlike gongs are within the background providing a funereal style intensity.

As The Rain Is Clearing My Pai combines gongs and keyboards, effecting tonal impressions that depict rain, longing and loss through the layers of sound. Hunt at the Haunted Forest artfully seduces listeners with a hybrid of Celtic and Middle Eastern tones with good dashes of the macabre for posterity. It is a glorious piece of dark music simply waiting for soundtrack inclusion at some future point in time.

With the bombardment of electronic work masquerading as “goth” music, Thy Veils steps to the plate from Romania to deliver the goods for macabre music fans. Within the US, very few artists, with the exception of possibly Midnight Syndicate, Zoar and A Murder of Angels, are able to create this type of dark melancholia. Thy Veils fills a niche for those with a penchant for the nighttime elements of the macabre and funereal and does so with great élan and atmosphere.

Thy Veils is differentiated from other artists because of the free utilization of Middle Eastern tones and church gongs that punctuate the forlorn and seductive at the same time. It is as though the gypsy lore of Romania have been developed and crafted into each track. The overall impression from this recording is breathtaking as it takes us through the many layers of mystery, suspense, tension and forbidden sensuality. It is a highly recommended body of work for those who enjoy the more ethereal dark music in the underground with a full body of sound and texture.

Contact Information:
Post: Nonnut Music, Str. Al. Odobescu nr.83A, 1900 Timisoara, Romania

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