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Well kiddies, skipping September’s issue means that you tend to get more in October so I hope you had fun. I’m going to blather about here rather than at the very end of the issue for layout reasons—I’m like an important editor ‘n shit so I can put this anywhere (there was an issue way back when that ran this column in the front and the Foreword in the back, just to keep folks on their toes).

Upcoming interviews include next month’s expected (hopefully) exclusives with Thy Veils and Braindance. Coming soon, we’ve set music interview features with Laibach, Distorted Reality, Thou Shalt Not and Flaming Fire (which will be by everyone’s crustiest favorite, Mr. Dan Century himself). Review CDs are steadily pouring in, and I’ve added new members to the staff (Acyd Burn, for example) so keep them coming folks. You’ll find yours truly writing up a few CDs in the future too, back to the old days now that MLM is handling all the stuff I don’t want to do. Yay MLM!

Also coming up, feature fiction by returning wordsmith Unkle Joz, with illustration by TWG who has done other projects with me, but will debut as a feature illustrator then. Also, Dan Century will appear with reviews of everything, Lee Alverson with some more illustration for one of my own stories, and hopefully the Mean Little Man will take time out of whipping me on the But Tocks to write up a rant.

That’s it in a nutsack … uh nutshell. See you next month kiddies!

PanMarcus Pan
September 18, 2003
1846 EST

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