REVIEW: Nukleon – “Earth Rising”

By Christopher E. Eissing

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Earth RisingNukleon picks up the torch from legacy bands like New Order and Erasure in the electronica dance-alternative genre. Using deep sequenced layers, strong phrasing and excellent vocals, Earth Rising evokes motifs and themes of 80’s dance alternative with fresh perspectives and well-used clichés.

Mars is less a Space Oddity, and more Peter Schilling’s Major Tom, than Bowie’s. Complete with momentary clips from Kennedy’s ‘Moon Speech’ and California Gubernatorial Candidate Ah-nuld’s film Total Recall. Quaid put it best. “Get your ass to Mars.” Lucky plays somewhere between O.M.D. and New Order. Escort dances a line similar to this, with more sinister undertones. Both New Wave throw-backs cloak dark and human themes with counter-point pop backdrops.

What would an 80’s retro-influenced album without a political message theme of a war-hawking American President? It wouldn’t be New Wave without it! Careful. These musicians may be ‘evil-doers.’ Sometimes has a lot of the arrangement styles of early Depeche Mode, with a post-techno maturity. Lines is a nice novelty piece running through club pick-ups. It sleepwalks musically.

Reasons is one of Nukleon’s strongest songs, thumping a house beat behind a Yazz-inspired sound. Jane is a classic New Order sound with techno trappings. One More Day’s sweetness is overshadowed and forgets that ‘less is more.’ A ballad trying to remain in the techno world when it’s more Duran Duran’s Perfect Day.

Nukeon is so similar in songcraft to early Depeche Mode its scary. They have drawn strongly from retro-80’s offerings. Especially in their vocals, which steal from the sweetest 80’s Brit-pop has to offer. If they can allow themselves to mature their sound naturally and not worry about shedding the skin of being a ‘techno’ or ‘dance’ artist there is no telling how far they can refine their sound. With 80’s retro already gnawing away at the root of the 70’s resurgence, this band may enjoy being at the right time, with the right sound.

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