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WTCWell, I know by now you have all been waiting on pins and needles for my idea of what just happened this week; the WTC travesty. And I wasn't originally going to do this I think. But a lot of you have been asking for it, quite literally, and for a brief shining moment I thought that what I thought about shit mattered and hence you get this. I apologize. You can leave off here. Yes I'm going to talk about the WTC bombing, and yes everyone else is too, and if you are as tired of the fucking coverage and burnt out on it as I am; with no disrespect to those lost, it's just that I could use a 3rd Rock From the Sun break about now. But if you're as burnt out on it as me, then you can stop and go find a safe haven from the information overload. I won't be angry.

WTCIt's been three days now, or closer to 3 ½ since they fell if you want to be technical about it. Which I don't right now. But now I think I'm finally coming out of this daze that began when I arrived in Manhattan on Tuesday morning in a futile attempt to get to work. I can connect to my system at the office, which means I can work on things, which means I'm forcing myself to clear my mind of this shite in order to do just that. And before I'm able to really clean it, I think I had to just get on with bitching about it in my usual way and then I'll move on to something else. Or try to.

The thing is, the only thing that keeps occurring in my mind is a statement that was uttered at a recent party at my house in mid-August. And that statement is, "That don't happen." It's simple, full of conviction and…well it just sums up some things. And that's the way some things should be. Some things just shouldn't happen. Simple. A few events this week fall into the "That don't happen" category, and the whole idea that the WTC isn't there I'm still having trouble processing. The skyline will never really be correct anymore. For me, the skyline's always looked like that. It's not supposed to not look like that. That don't happen.WTC

Now I'm afraid to say that it's not extremely difficult to hijack an airplane. You usually don't get far, but if you plan it right it can be done. This group did pretty good, they're 4 for 4 on the hijack plans. Four planes in the same timeframe I would imagine takes a bit more planning ability than one. Add to that, there was always someone capable of flying the plane with the group, as far as we know, and we're going even higher. And that's kind of scary; that there's a group with that much in the way of resources (or allied groups anyway) to pull off a 4-plane hijacking. Not to mention that they actually made it into NYC airspace and hit their targets in two out of two cases.

And then there's the Pentagon thing. Supposedly, with the most protected airspace in the world, a path-deviated plane was able to fly into this space. A commercial jet, not quite gunship capable if you know what I mean. And then…hit the Pentagon. Sure they weren't going for the Pentagon so the reports say, but they made it into DC and hit an important target. A target on the ground, not a tower in the air. Uh…wassup with 'dat?

WTCImagine the balls it takes to decide to do that. What were they thinking? Didn't they know that we'd come shit on them? How could they not? So many questions. The conspiracy theorists are coming out of the woodwork now too, with entirely different takes on the matter. And then there's the more mystical side - the false Nostradamus reports for one thing. I'm still looking for the first quack to somehow fit reptiles and Princess Diana's death into some wacked out theory. Keep your eyes tuned to Portal of Evil like me if you think I'm kidding.

WTCBut it does rock the foundation of things to a moralistic core. Like I said, things like this just don't happen. The fact that it did is kind of unreal. And that's why I've been walking around in a daze for a while I guess. A lot of us are I think. What's going to happen from here? Please make sure you have your seatbelts safely locked for the remainder of the ride, I think. World War Eye Eye Eye? Could be. Article 5 is invoked and, from what I hear, backed in force so NATO's in for the ride too. I don't expect this to be as clean as the Gulf war. I guess we'll see. WTC

Before I let you go I'd like to scar you if I may. I have some photos of the events that occurred, and many of these are exclusive from Firebug in Jersey City (shouts to Rolan), so you haven't seen them yet. A good portion of them are probably pretty fucked-up frightening. Again the "That don't happen" thing comes up. But I'd like you to look at them. And I'd like everyone to remember that "That don't happen," and shouldn't ever happen, and the only way we can do that is through people. So take a look at these and I want you to be fucking scarred. Because maybe then we'll remember that this shit is not supposed to happen; as a people.

Originally written for the Pan Pages dated September 14, 2001 @ 2203 EST.

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