REVIEW: V/A – “Somniloquies Vol. 1”

By Acyd Burn

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Somniloquies Vol. 1The debut release from Parasomnic Records [Somniloquies Vol 1] showcases 16 artists mainly from the noize and experimental soundscape genres with a few notable club track's as well. Sound manipulation at it's finest, you'll find this one veering from neo ambient drones to computer glitch to abrasive industrial noize and surprising the listener with some darkwave and industrial tracks added for some diversity.

Noize pioneers Azure Skies making an appearance courtesy of the Ant Zen label, heavy hitters mixed in with the up and comers of the scene. Although the noize and experimental scene are relatively new to me it has been around for a lot longer than any of us reading this right now I can assure you. I must say I do find it fascinating to see people pushing the boundaries of today's music creations into unknown directions. Having a chance to see noize and experimantal shows live is even more of an adventure. I've had the chance to see some of Florida's top artists in the flesh and to see it live is as intense as it sounds raw. This scene is growing a lot in the past two years and this CD is a testament to those pushing music to its outer limits.

Azure Skies, the Noize pioneers, creep into your psyche with Crater. This track can easily get into your mind and launch you into a chaotic dreamstate. Tones drifting from serene to psychotic at the twist of a button. Chiming in at 7:25, this epic adventure is an impressive opener to prepare you for the wild ride ahead. Evolution by Suffering and the Hideous Thieves follows suit with knob tweaking displays of industrial powernoise. Seattle, once popular for Grunge, may find themselves once again on the map for a hotbed of powernoise with artists like this pushing sound manipulation to another level.

Anaphlaxis pounds us with This is the Place Where the Dead Help the Living. Trip hop elements intertwined with roots of industrial textures meshing with intense drone manipulations. I liked this one a lot. Mayfair Grin bring it down with Whitest Ashes. Offbeat percussions bleed with classical manipulations. Smooth yet intense. Fracas by Brain:Blood: Volume is a tad unexpected in a CD mostly comprised of noize and experimental tracks, but does manage to break up the chaos emulating from this release at this point. It may throw you off a tad, but this track does manage to keep one’s attention.

Recombinant bounces in with Ataxia to keep the beat pumping. Although nothing new and earth-shattering in the hardcore electro genre, it does maintain a strong four on the floor and keeps the vibe thumpin! Carbon Based Lifeform oozes in with All Systems Go. For those of you coming down from Ataxia, this representation of the genre brings down a few BPMs from previous tracks. It seems a new sub-genre is born every day.

WordsSubstructure Voices, keeping it mixed up. The addition of bouncy tunes will help one from completely losing it after an inactive part of the brain subconciously activates due to an overdose of sonic sound manipulation. Voices, a great track to help cope with the intensity of some of the previous tracks and easing you into the second coming of sonic hell. Anticrises - FSPI comes marching in with some boot stompin industrial dance material. I can easily get into this one and find it one of the more powerful tracks on the disc as a whole.

Dark Gently – Poison Drink (Cyanide Mix). A female fronted outfit consisting off Theresea Frazee and Dan Chick. Mixing four on the floor old school beats with darkwave overtones. Solid beats and hot vocals always a good mix. Aple X - Wonderland. Changing the vibe into more trip hop and ambient chill-out stylings. Not doing a whole hell of a lot for me and I find myself heading to the next track. Controversy Under Fire – En Fuego. A tripped out experimental electro track. Acid beats mashed with offtime rhythms.

Skapet - Projektor. Heavy drone action on this piece focuses on the uneasy listening category. Sonic pulsation manipulation meltdown! Kava – Winter in Summer. Adding to the stockpile of knob twisters found here. Just another fine example of the noize genre. The Devouring Element – Such Bitter Irony closes out this 16 track various artist compilement.

Somniloquies Vol. 1 takes us on a journey into sound. Showcasing some of what the experimental underground is creating these days. Reading the CD description, one might get the feeling this disc is all noize and experimental, but rest assured Somniloquies is more based on various forms of dark electronic music genres. noize, powernoise, industrial, darkwave, experimental, trip hop and many other genres are compiled into an arsenal of sonic proportions. Those looking for abstract musical expressionism will be quite pleased by what Parasomnic Records has offered here. It will almost certainly be one of those CDs that help define the experimental influences of tomorrow’s artists of the cyber underground.

Contact Information:
Post: Parasomnic Records, PMB 2211, 10002 Aurora Ave. N. #36, Seattle, WA, 98133, USA

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