REVIEW: V/A – “Coronal Mass Ejection”

By Christopher Eissing

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Coronal Mass EjectionThe great star lurches forward and throws off explosive plasma and helium millions of miles into space in a cataclysm of fire spawned by its nuclear furnace. So does Voidstar gather deconstructed-techno and unleash it into the sterile void of the genre.

Snake Charmer by Codec is perhaps the cleanest of the offerings. A solid beat with good distinct sections. Chainsaws and Children’s Species.x is Beck-esque for its mixing of contemporary style like dance, sample-mixing and metal guitar. Three’s a Threat by Zippery vs CJ Unit has all the continuity of drunken epileptics mud wrestling. A standard tape-loop distortion jumble. Ceramic Piggy Bank does a more competent job of mixing recognizable noise with a cohesive structure.

Kahrzoff Implosion by Ukuphambana pushes the envelope of sequencers and drum machines with tempos over 160. A cutting edge piece when analog ruled. Maybe. Evil Machines by Rock-It Society has some great rhythm sections, and it keeps the noise-reliance to a minimum. Zero Times Infinity’s Live @ the 911 Gallery (excerpt) has the nice sound of listening to the freeway through 30 feet of aluminum pipe.

The eponymous The Care Company is a typical ‘this is who we are’ announcement song. It stands out for first, using vocals, and secondly, for using some Jamaican vocals. Rock is Dead by Nau0Zee-Aun is a nice rhythm-piece with some nice break sections. Confession by Porcupine Defense stands out as being the only song on the compilation with an actual melody and lyrical structure.

Coronal Mass Ejection is a decent compilation. The songs are solid noise/techno offerings with some standouts. But all in all it’s nothing that hasn’t been done before, and better. This stuff stands up against avant-garde dance pieces from 20 years ago; against songs accomplished in a time with less sophisticated equipment.

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