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WordsThy Veils do not make music you just pop in the player and go. No way pal! You may find yourself using the better half of your pea brain intelligence to place the sound. See, Thy Veils is beautiful music you so rarely hear, and maybe could be referred to as neo-classical with Goth wall paper. It's better than soundtrack and not to be categorized with the evil "sound-scape" tag. Sounds eccentric, sure, whatever.

If your know Daniel Dorobantu (he is "Thy Veils") then your one of those who practices arm chair listening and maybe somewhere along the way the pea told you that Daniel was a classically trained pianist. You may find the fact that he learned to "play" on a computer keyboard as shocking as I. And even a bit woozy that you were indeed wrong again.

If your not familiar with anything Thy Veils then you should know that Diaphanous Depressions(1) is the newest album released of four to date. The albums are without lyrics except DD, and even then lyrics are sparsely placed. This is grand stuff, and quite appreciated by faithful fans. I've become one of interest, and perhaps you will too. Read the interview now:

May Wiseman: How's life in Romania?

WordsThy Veils: Coming out from a slough that lasted over 40 years, Romania makes special efforts to reenter among the nations that belong to the western type civilization and to which Romania appertains through its bi-millenary history. But this effort is not simple and easy to do. This transition from a centralized economy to a market one, the rules that govern such an economy, ask for enormous costs and sacrifices which, for a great part of the population, become harder and harder to explain. In this context, our culture passes over a period of crisis, of adaptation to new forms of expression too, even though some of the artists from my country have been recognized worldwide.

MW: Music fans are always looking for a new read, so I wanted to ask if you could talk a little about the Romanian music magazine HMM 69. Maybe even turn us onto some new music?

Thy Veils: HMM 69 is one of the oldest rock / metal oriented publication in Romania...but not only. In this magazine, I read the first review of one of my albums. But I cannot say more about it, I don't watch closely and constantly the musical press. Among the Romanian bands that are active in the present time, I would recommend: Blazzaj, Implant Pentru Refuz, Arc Gotic, Negura Bunget, Archaos, Persona.

MW: What interests you most about making new music?

Thy Veils: When making new music I am most interested in the sonorousness universe I create – I want it to become more and more alive, detailed and autonomously. In the same time, I'm always interested in developing my skills as a composer and find new ways to work with various sounds and timbers.

MW: Have you noticed a sufficient change in your fan base since signing with Powerplay Records in 1998?

Thy Veils: As far as I monitored this change, I can say that the auditorium has enlarged step by step, slowly but efficiently. I am very pleased to maintain contact with people that listen to my music since my first album was released. Their constant and positive feedback is a valuable source of creative energy.

MW: You now work with the Nonnut Muzik label. What changes have you noticed since the switch?

Thy Veils: Nonnut Muzik was built to support the release of my 4th album, The Diaphanous Depressions. In one way, Nonnut Muzik is my own label, so the first and major change was and is the total freedom of decision.

MW: Since there's such a rich classical influence in your compositions, were you influenced much in your youth by classical composers? If so, who?

Thy Veils: Years ago when I seriously started to listen to music, there were no classical composers in my play lists, but later some of them appeared: Prokofiev and Mahler. Then, there was a period when I listened to Philip Glass and Michael Nyman...obsessively. And it made all the difference!

MW: When did you start playing keyboards?

Thy Veils: This can sound odd, but I started to play on the computer keyboard first. It was the only thing I had at hand and I could play on. After two years of such a challenge, I purchased a synthesizer and I started to become a "normal" player and my work was much easier. This happened back in 1996.

WordsMW: What is your writing process like? Do you work the chords onto paper then add the rest of the effects that give the pieces such full bodied sound?

Thy Veils: For a new song I work both with musical ideas as well as with sound. Most of the time, I choose from the start a great part of the instruments and the sounds. The sound inspires me very much; for me, each instrument and sound has its story...a certain meaning. I try to take in consideration all these aspects and personify each musical line.

MW: Since you add such an eerie texture to your sound, how do you make it so beautiful and appeal to such a broad audience?

Thy Veils: I didn't know that my music appeals to a broad audience. I don't know what to answer to this question...just that in my opinion, sound has to express as much as composition. I choose the sound in such a way that it should express something strong to me; it has to touch me, move me in a familiar area, in a common spot for all of us, people.

WordsMW: Do you think of what your fans want to hear from you when you write?

Thy Veils: When I write, I don't manage to think of other things that are outside that swirl of ideas, sensations and emotions. But I always tell myself that each album has to exceed the one before it: a new album has to bring something, something new, unexpected, but in the same time it should be in some way recognizable, to be Thy Veils. And that is not something hard to realize because I have always been in search of new horizons to reach for. To make it short, I think that my listeners expect me to be, not more or less of who I actually am.

MW: "The American Ghost Society's 2001 National Conference" used your music as the soundtrack for their video production. How did the society learn of your music?

Thy Veils: One of the members of the team who produced that video material was very familiar with my music and as far as I understood, he was the one who suggested my songs to become the soundtrack. As far as I know, the whole production team was thrilled by the music and everything else went very well.

MW: You have composed soundscapes for the Good Neighbor soundtrack. What was it like for you to hear your music used in a movie?

WordsThy Veils: The producers' invitation made me very happy. I sent the songs and signed a contract, but haven't been hearing anything from them since then. I haven't seen the movie till this very day. But this aspect didn't bother me too much, my joy remained unspoiled. It was one of the first invitations of this kind.

MW: Who is Ciprian Costache, and how did he contribute to your latest album, Diaphanous Depressions?

Thy Veils: Ciprian Costache is a member in a Romanian band called Arc Gotic, vocal and guitar. Besides him I made my first steps on the music scene, before building Thy Veils. Being one of my good friends and having a suitable voice for what I wanted "the narrator" of my album to be like, I invited him to play this part.

MW: What made you decide a couple of tunes needed lyrics?

Thy Veils: The Diaphanous Depressions is an album that describes, among other things, a journey. Passing over the details, I can say that in this album I wanted to introduce the narrator too. So, to point out my human presence more efficiently, I chose a voice for that.

MW: What's next Daniel? You working on anything right now?

Thy Veils: Fortunately, there are many things that are happening in the present moment. Right now I am working for my next release / product, the Thy Veils : Dawn and Furtherance DVD; the disk will contain a part of my songs from the first 3 albums, remixed in surround 5.1, as well as video part and animations that will accompany these songs. This DVD will be released at Luminal Records.

Then, for the year to follow, I have programmed the next studio album, which will be known under the name "The Call". I have been working for this album for 2 years now and it is not yet complete but I can say that it represents a significant change in Thy Veils' music, sound, composition as well as concept.

Also, I think seriously of transforming Thy Veils from a studio project into a live one ... but each thing at the right time …

(1) Reviewed in Legends #135.

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