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Hope everyone had a filling Thanksgiving. I actually did nothing most of the day. Didn’t even think of you people. Didn’t think about work. Didn’t think about any of the projects I’m doing. So y’all were irrelevant to me for at least a few hours, and I liked it.

Looking at the page, I see I’ve blabbed enough for all of us concerned, so I will return you to your irregularly scheduled programming. This issue should be a bit short, considering a lot of factors (dollars being one, so see our ad rates), but there’s still plenty to gander at—at least a few dumps worth for you bathroom readers. Take it easy, and y’all read back now y’hear?

Next month as we go into 2004, I can tell you to expect another ton of reviews. Here’s some of the names you’ll see talked about in January:
The Azoic
Dream Into Dust
Distorted Reality
The Geminus Sect

Our feature interview scheduled next month is with the esteemed and interesting band Laibach, considered by many to be forefathers of the industrial musical genre. This interview is being done by our good Rev. Daryl Litts, and he will also take care of our cover next month as well.

In books, I continue on my travels in fantasy and science fiction worlds when I review Orphan Star and Dilvish the Damned. The second chapter of Unkle Joz’s Tracey Tears appears with continued artwork by TWG.

Peace, love and all the trimmings… (But NOT the FAT!)…

Marcus Pan
November 29, 2003—1834 EST

Legends Online