REVIEW: Cyclotimia – “Trivial Pleasures”

By Marcus Pan

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Trivial PleasuresI have yet to spin this CD in full – and yet I find myself beginning this review as Trivial Pleasures progresses from my computer speakers. I am that inspired by this CD. Cyclotimia’s Trivial Pleasures is, by far, the worst, most worthless piece of shit to hit my desk so far in 2003 – and possible since the inception of Legends Magazine. I am inspired, because once I write this review I will never, ever have to put this piece of steaming plastic crap in my CD player again.

I was excited at first when Laura told me on the phone while I was at work (yes…I have a day job too) that she had to sign for a package from Russia. The last time I received something from as far away as Russia was a good listening experience and, when I got home to see the unpretentiously wrapped brown-paper package I thought I would find something fun inside like I did previously. I was even proud of the fact that we receive from international countries – we have before, but I got to show my skeptical cousin who considers me only a tad eccentric by the fact that I listen to weird stuff and do weird things and go to weird places and…receive weird shit in the mail. So I even let him unwrap it. I’m sorry to say, the pride diminished at the outset.

Trivial Pleasures is a mixture of random blips, uncontrolled bleeps, repetitive synth chords and unchanging rhythms. It is, mostly, a recording of nothing. Noise. It’s too annoying to be ambient, too noisy to be musical and too worthless to be listenable. Other than the occasional attempt at vocalizations you may find – such as the end of track six, .99, the CD manages to keep the enjoyment of listening to music as elusive as possible.

Reading the CD jacket, I get the obvious impression that Cyclotimia’s job is to rail against commercialism. With track names such as NASDAQ, ID Number, Verichip, Currency Indicator and Stock Talk, and of course the name of the CD itself, Trivial Pleasures, Cyclotimia’s attempt was to berate and abhor all that is modern economics. They take their job seriously, by making the most unlistenable, unbuyable, noncommercial and worthless collection of eleven tracks they could.

It really is untalented rhetoric to the extreme. Nothing here strikes me as music. Nothing here strikes me as anything more than electronic buttons being pushed with absolutely no semblance whatsoever to anything listenable. Maybe that’s the whole point with Cyclotimia – in which case I salute you for rising to the challenge to berate commercialism and modern culture by creating something so outlandishly unwanted by anyone. Therefore I guess you guys win…nobody will buy this CD and nobody should by it and quite possibly that was your goal. Cyclotimia: 1 – NASDAQ: 0.

But just in case my readers aren’t sure, let me recap. Cyclotimia’s Trivial Pleasures offers absolutely nothing of worth. There is no music here, no ambience here, not even experimentalism with its repetitive barrage of oozing, unchanging chords. Stay away. Stay far away. Help Cyclotimia prove their points against modern commercialism, culture and economics – and don’t buy it. I just hope that the second CD that was wrapped in that package at least attempts to be music.

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