REVIEW: Nexhagus – “The 12 Song Demo”

By May Wiseman

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12 Song Demo"This demo was produced and engineered by nobody who would want to own up to it using formidable array of seriously outdated and unpredictable electronics in conjunction with finicky and usually incomplete computer software. I have suffered for my art, now it's your turn…”

One may assume the disc is crap from what Nexhagus states inside a demo jacket, even going so far as to rape the listener of funky tunes before snapping the play button. Poor guy’s feeling either sorry for himself because he hasn't what every other band on the globe has in way of audio programming, or he's modest. As far as band bios – unfortunately there's sparse information on Nexhagus, and your reviewer can't tell you anything other than what's heard.

Twelve tracks consisting of rave synth instrumentals. All lo-fi, with a goth element being contorted vocals eerily displaced in a few songs. Listeners can expect to hear Nexhagus's ideas clearly in a rhythmic sense, and of parody for having less than stellar equipment while fading into the next track. There seems to be discrepancies where the song will just end and you'll think there's malfunction going on with your player. I've found sound complaints from the demo after track seven. The music goes nowhere. It seemed to just diminish and rehash the previous six tracks in a different fashion.

The stronger tracks are Freeze Frame (track one), an interesting reminder of eighties virgin new wave. Track three, Phoenix – strong New Order likeness embedded in the rhythm. And track six, Without Being Alive, where the music starts strongly and continues to build until the irritating break in the song's end.

Now, here's the point I gathered from this whole experience. These bands really don't have to have all this jacked up equipment to send their music to the masses. The purpose of the demo is to give the listener a sound idea. It's not supposed to be polished, and that fact does NOT catch onto an awful lot of bands out there. While the pampered pansy is tweeking that one track for three months to get the "fuzz" out, Nexhagus is playing Twister with all the neighboring couple clubs since he's gotten feedback from those feedback-ers already. It's practice, and sometimes the practice pays off.

Contact Information:
Post: Nexhagus, Garry DeJong, 389 Berkeley St., Toronto, Ontario, MSA 2X8, Canada

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