Avenpitch – “Avenpitch”

By May Wiseman

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AvenpitchIt's rather a safe assumption to say most of us stay pissed off. We have unabashed passion for music, and strong opinion (or intolerance) for those that can dance and not play an instrument. Pressing play I hear some kind of Off Spring crap pouring out of my speakers. You folk's know – all that screaming coolness that oozes from their lips during the industrial recording process. Yes, some people think they are cool like that. What's not quite understood here is why, for the love of arsenic, would this album fall into the lap of a Gothic magazine? The band people didn't do their research apparently because Avenpitch is anything but Gothic, and it's also a cute thing they want a review for their self titled disc. Here's a review for the band:

Do your research. When you send something along to a magazine, the writer's going to revel in the sound for at least a month (until our editor deadlines us or whatever). We write for the genre of the magazine. This music is NSYNC dance jigs' people, and there's not going to be a comment about any in particular song here as they are all found to be similar. The mix of a guitar with a keyboard seems to coincide with the sound of kitty cat vomiting projectile style. It's a feeling of Banana Rama (sp?) meets Blink 182. Maybe the Goth element here is something in the lyrics, "When Jesus comes to take your hand, I hope I'll be there to understand." What is that? "Is it something in you, or something in me, that I don't understand reality?" The only reality I'm getting from all this hub-bub is cliche', cliche', cliche'.

As a whole the disc can't be even recommended for coaster usage. Ten tracks of wasted time again. It all goes back to that "anyone can make a record these days." Where are the people like Nick Drake and Elliot Smith? Dead, of course, but at least palatable and full of suicidal charisma before their untimely passing. That's Gothic. And the inflicting quality of dark realms sleeping inside a romantic burrito dammit! There are tons of Internet outlets out there to send this disc to, why didn't they save themselves a stamp and their reviewer's month and plop it in the mail to one of them?

The only quality remark I'll lend to the readers is this is not a long disc, so if your thinking of checking out a song or two, you will not be a victim for long. A pervasive message for Avenpitch would have to be a consideration of our selfless devotion to all good music in any genre. Maybe it's a bad try this time around. Go practice up a few, and see what someone else has to say. We are not all Goddesses and Gods.

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Phone: (952) 944-5396
E-Mail: avenpitch@avenpitch.com
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