REVIEW: Memo – “Quiet Days”

By May Wiseman

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Quiet DaysGood stuff? Why yes, this is actually a decent band. It's old school new wave; like Flock Of Seagulls, New Order, The Cure, having strict influence in Memo's fancy keyboard work. William Moore, and Steve Tomlinson are Memo, and live in Seattle, but sound like they are English when they sing. They both write, record, produce, mix, match and groove it all together. The sound isn't polished, and it's anything but dark Goth romance, but it's right on. In tune with all that nostalgia 80's high school jams.

Listeners will get a feel for what the band sounds like from hearing this first tune. Very few variations are found on these eight tracks that stand as a viable measure for separation of sound, except for the dynamics used on three of the songs. The Only Way starts off the disc with simple chorus, frolicking lyrics and sweet synths that build near the song’s end. Distorted vocals and tweeked keyboard maneuvers are found on track five, Blue View. This is actually cute, with the girl doing her little sexual moan and the staccato break where the song ends. Really gives the song texture as well as spunk.

MemoShades of Grey has a mellow entrance with lyrics full of drama and deception. One of my personal favorites since the song has the Cure vibes all snuggled up inside the chorus line. The dance track, A World Undone, makes the guys sound a bit on the paranoid side. However it does have the rave visual about it, foam and naked people included. The play time on Quiet Days is around thirty five minutes which is not too long nor too short. This genre needs to be kept down on time since they've made a fun album.

It's nice to see a couple of guys are still reviving the new wave for the area kids. Kids need to hear this stuff, and know it still exists – or it's still alive inside all of us boom box junkies. Their fans I'm sure are starting to get into the old stuff, where it all began (new wave good – punk rock better!). So Memo has made a decent effort here, one that's safe for you to try out in the middle of an eighth grade dance memory. It's all fun from here on out right?

Contact Information:
Post: Memo, PO Box 95493, Seattle, WA, 98145-2493, USA
Phone: (206) 382-8513

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