REVIEW: Psychophile – “Transition”

By May Wiseman

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TransitionPluck human scrap from the universal pile; give him/her an instrument and a couple of bucks and walla! You have yourself a musical wonderment. Does it really matter if the person has talent? Does it really matter if the person produces cohesive material? Hell no. A few of the indie kids will make them shine in their own mind.

Typical music geeks utter the phrase "anyone can make a record these days" nearly twice a week, the phrase that not only carries the weight of most wannabe's ambitions or manic hope, but also rips the spine from those who await some kind of industry revival. These words also force society musicians into believing there's a rock star ("Goth star") inside them. Damn our luck we have to endure this junk, and damn the home recording companies for giving these people hope.

If you squalling readers haven't gathered by now, Psychophile isn't my favorite band in the world, nor are they a good band and listening to this disc made me think of the freaking Calgon moments I lost giving Transition a chance. Nothing seemed, or sounded proper on the album. The music is poorly formed: rhythm, timing and beauty all immaturely structured. The female vocals are punishable when high and indecisive when low. Intros for the tunes are too long, or too short, making most of their songs near four minutes; which is way too long to listen to this thing. Not even the polished areas like Violin's, Images and Dreams make up for the mid-song drone of pathetic vocal utterance.

WordsNow, don't you go erecting that Psycophile shrine just yet kidlets! There's more. Transition has this Evanescence vibe about it. The music is similar with dynamic builds and dramatic delivery, but of course there's the vocal critique again. Maybe this album would be better suited for the UK discotheque scene or even the underground world of pub play if the sound was jacked up or acoustic, but as is Transition is an album that erases all form of pervasive listening pleasure. There's not really much else to say about this adventurous stolen time.

Contact Information:
Post: Wasp Factory Recordings Unit 1, 65-67 High St., Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 1DU, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 1242 521713

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