I hope you enjoyed Legends No.14. Please, continue with your excellent submissions of art, stories, and spacers. It is these items on which Inferno Publishing and Legends Magazine thrives. And also, get back to me on the questions raised in this issue's Editor's Notes. Should Legends become a monthly publication, or should we continue with our "when it comes out, it comes out" basis?

Now, looking forward to Legends No. 15, we present a monster-size special issue. This one will be HUGE folks…here are some highlights to expect…
-Albinor Chronicles Chapter 8 - "The Ride of Karnack"
-Songs of Albinor Number 4 - "Lobanna vs the Tarrasque"
-Vietnam Mini-Series Part V - "A Picture is Worth…"
-Essay: "The Threshold"
-Poem: "Star Gazer"
-Poem: "Loneliness

And more!

Till next time…

Fare Thee Well!