Rants & Essays


By Marcus Pan

Enter the world of fantasy, for 'tis here where all your hopes, wishes and desires can occur. When you cross the threshold wonders appear before your very eyes, materializing like an unreachable dream now attained, for the imagination of one's mind is truly the most powerful force in the multiverse greater than that of the electromagnetic force which scientists claim is unmatched in strength and which holds all things together. Granted, if it was not for imagination and the overwhelming desire to think and dream beyond reality, there would be no science. To travel throughout and revel in fantasy is the ability of all and it can be retained, tended and kept throughout one's life.

The greatest forms of imagination is in the written text of a book. While watching a movie on film you are merely a spectator of the scenes of imagination flashing before you. But with the help of the wonderful word, the nearly infinite vocabulary and the temperament and molding of a good author you can place yourself there instead of merely watching the scenes flash by. You can follow Tom and Huck to the island and through the caves or ride with the bewildered Monsieur Arrounax and his servant Conseil as they ride with Captain Nemo of the Nautilus. Solve the mysteries of the Mysterious Island with Cyrus and his friends and many other places are merely waiting for your arrival. The ideas are never-ending. Visit the earth after a cataclysm or during the Age of Kings. Or travel to a new world altogether, for there is no end to the imagination. How can one describe the thrill of a book? Books return to us all the effort they have been given and more. It has been said: "Without books, we have no past and no future."

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 14.