The Port

By Marcus Pan

The PortDown in the port where only bad boys go.
By penalty of death, your fear don't show.

You better be wild, you better be tough.
I really hope that you are rough enough.

Down from the toilet and into the sewer.
C'mon, children, we're taking a tour.

Anything's possible here for a price.
Doesn't really matter if it's naughty or nice.

Look around and tell me what you see.
Death is so common it's a hellish scene.

How much will you pay to stay alive?
Open up that wallet or take a dive.


Step out of the lamplight.
Take a walk through the night.

Run with the bad boys.
Making the wild noise.

Welcome to the No-Man's land.
Where there are no rules by any hand.

Walk in the shadows, step through the dark.
Hope you are brave and have a strong heart.

Bark at the moon and run with the beasts.
Crash through the alleys, takin' over the streets.

Not even the cops come around here at night.
They stay over the border cuz' they're filled with fright.

Deep in the port…A world without laws.
Deep in the port…Death without cause.
Deep in the port…Hookers and whores are…
Deep in the port…At your soul terror gnaws.