REVIEW: The Azoic – “Conflict”

By May Wiseman

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ConflictSince the band’s inception in Columbus, Ohio 1996, The Azoic continue to produce these crisp club sounds that gel inside the Sunday morning mind and truly appear to be an unstoppable band that looks forward to future projects so they can develop their sound even more. With eight released albums to date, we can firmly admit that this band has evolved into a band that other Gothic industrial dance bands can and should look up to for direction in developing their own sound, or at least try out new techniques for layering virgin tracks.

Conflict is a rather short EP compiled of the song Conflict in all eight various measures including one multi media video. This is The Azoic's version of how to change up one lonely song. You have your album version of course from what the others are spawned from and then you have your other seven-tagged mixes describing how the album version was changed.

For instance; with the Combi Christ mix, your going to hear chanting about vocalist Kristy Venrick's belief in Christ with lyrics like, "Keep my perspective straight, keep me away from hate, keep my eye's uncovered" while a distorted repetition of Conflict is the pervasive music setting. The Massiv In Mensch mix is light with sweet vocal tracks laid out where most of the dynamics occur in the song. Though the other mixes are short renditions to appreciate, you'll find the original album mix to be the better one since the song is played in its entirety and leaves the body of sound in tact.

Steve Laskarides is credited for the track mixing and vocal track layout, which is done in a polished manner, found most importantly while mixing Venrick's vocals. All the vocal tracks in each mix are smooth with an eerie essence to provide the Gothic nature. I think the layered electronics, mixed with the distorted noise and Venrick's voice, is beautiful and really an oddity when considering the most new indie techno seems to just lay around with an absence of texture for dancing. The multi media video contains a music video for Conflict (album version) and a hearty selection of live photos, press photo's, lyrics and other entertaining fodder to dig while you’re listening to the album.

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