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Kim Mercil, dance floor diva and friends of all DJs, has gone out and about beating on the trap doors of DJ booths everywhere to find out just what the world has been spinning for the past year. And the final results are in—here is Legends Magazine’s best and worst dance floor CDs for 2003, as spun by DJs around the country. So without further adieu’s the list that someone actually felt deserved enough attention to hack one of the DJs computers so they can send in their own list! That’s right...Legends is worth hacking about and someone, somewhere, is leaking our feature information to the public. So to all the writers that work with me, make sure you turn on the radar, shut down the doors and close the vaults when you discuss upcoming features in Legends. You never know just who might be listening...spies are everywhere!


Bella MorteDJ Contessa (Disco Macabre) Wichita KS
Monday nights 10PM
Best CD- Bella Morte - “The Quiet”
Worst CD- Seraphim Shock- “Halloween Sex n' Vegas”

covenantDJ'sDJ Ian Fford (Albion-Batcave) NY
Personal site-
Club site- www.albion-batcave
Best CD- Covenant- “Northern Light”
Worst CD- Hanzel Und Gretyl- “Uber Alles”

DJ's PicksDJ's PicksDJ Patrick Cusack (Albion-Batcave) NY
Club Site-
Best Goth CD- Faith and the Muse- “The Burning Season”
Best Ethereal CD- Faith and Disease- “Passport To Kunming”
Best Synthpop CD- Ladytron- “Light and Magic"
Best Alternative CD- The White Stripes- “Elephant”
Best Darkwave CD- Android Lust- “The Dividing”
Worst CD- Wolfsheim- “Casting Shadows”
Worst CD- Evanescence- “Fallen”

DJ's PicksDJ's PicksDJ Lucien (The Domain and Hidden Sanctuary) NY
WSIA 88.9fm Thursday 10pm - 2am
Radio Site-
Personal Site-
Best CD- Ascii Disko- “Ascii Disko”
Worst CD- The Cruxshadows- “Ethernaut”
Worst CD- Front Line Assembly- “Mechanical”

DJ's PickDJ's PicksDJ Sergio (Absolution and Exedor) NY
Club Site-
Best CD- Unto Ashes- “Empty Into White”
Best CD- Collide- “Some Kind Of Strange”
Best CD- Voltaire- “Banned On Vulcan”
Worst CD- The Cruxshadows- “Ethernaut”

DJ's PicksDJ Angel (Guest DJ for Albion-Batcave, Absolution, Cthulhu Sex and Hidden Sanctuary) NY
Best CD- Tristesse De La Lune- “A Heart Whose Love Is Innocent”
Worst CD- Fictional- “Fiction”

DJ's PicksDJ Cypher (Darkwave Lounge, Dark Nation Radio and ContemptNY/Bound)
Darkwave Lounge Site-
Dark Nation Radio Site-
ContemptNY/Bound Site-
Best CD- Oneiroid Psychosis- “Stillbirth”
Worst CD- E Nominae- “Die Prophzeiung”

DJ's PicksDJ's PicksDJ Padriac (Guest DJ for Midnight, Purgatorio and Hidden Sanctuary)
Midnight Site-
Purgatorio Site-
Personal Site-
Best Goth CD- Dark Side Cowboys- “Revival”
Best Industrial CD- The Cascades- “Corrosive Mind Cage”
Best EBM CD- The Crest- “Letters From Fire”
Best Ethereal CD- Ashengrace- “Eve and Mistral”
Best Darkwave CD- HIM- “Love Metal”
Worst CD- The Cruxshadows- “Ethernaut”

DJ's PicksDJ Imperium (Ceremony) Pittsburgh PA
Club Site- (CD reviewer)
Best CD- Turn Pale- “Kill The Lights”
Worst CD- Faith and the Muse- “The Burning Season”

DJ Mac (IPM Radio) In Perpetual Motion
IPM Site- (online 24/7/365)
Best CD- Final Selection- “Antihero”
Worst CD- Flesh Fair- “Where Is Your God Now?”

DJ Bob Westphal (The Shape Of Things To Come)
WFDU 89.1 Sundays 6pm - 9pm
Personal Site-
Best CD- After The End- “Making A Monster”
Worst CD– All the bluegrass music people sent me to play on a dark music show.

DJ's PicksDJ Jason (Alchemy, Absolution, Sundown and guest DJ @ Albion-Batcave)
Best CD- The Lizards- “Smile”
Worst CD- N/A

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