REVIEW: The Geminus Sect – “Gemination”

By Marcus Pan

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GeminationI’ve always said that when it comes to making music, you have two choices to be noticeable (outside of going the “hey look how weird we look!” route, of course). The first is to create something new – a good idea if you can manage it, however it’s quite difficult these days with all the experimental vying for attention with their mechanical farts and static-laden beats. The second route is to take something already out there, and make it better. That is the case with Geminus Sect. We’ve all heard the hard-driven industrial of today, with its buzzsaw guitars and slamming beats, static-laden vocals and heavy-handed riffs. It’s almost everywhere. But the G-Sect twins, Xevin and Xayne, while creating standard fare industrial that you may know and, in my case, love; they do it well…very well. Better than most, in fact.

The X-twins’ attitude comes out immediately from the opening Unborn Again, which unlike many industrial hardheads opens with a smooth synth-pop style rather than any immediate riffage. That is immediately shredded by the explosion of guitars that you’d expect however, breaking into a strong and enjoyable rhythm of controlled chords with Xevin and Xayne trading off vox work. Utilizing their guitars as a mercenary would an M-16, Xayne and Xevin, cyborgs if their onstage antics have any truth to them, keep the CD moving purposefully and powerfully from track to track.

Unlike many of their ilk, Geminus Sect is not afraid to offer poppyish breakdowns of d’n’b stylings interspersed with synthetic melodies, effectively combining the elements of industrial rage-guitar and new-wave synthpop without worrying about being brandied about as crossovers or a “weaker” industrial band; defying hardcore fans with their non-fear of being downplayed as something less than heavy. All you headbanging fans out their, forgive them their trespasses – they mix the two together well and hybridize the components of both, while retaining the diamond-hard edge you long for. Such as the speed-thrash style of Cyst for example, or the driving drum force behind Better Off Dead.

Mixing it up for the techno-guitar dance floor crowd, BoD is followed up by the rhythms of Withdrawal. This tune keeps it headbangish yet smooth for the stompy goths to groove to. Sadomasochrist, which is great song name by the way, flays your ears a bit more as the duo step up their metallic barrage.

The Geminus Sect put on a thriller of a live show as well, and have shared the stage well with such bands as Bile, Impotent Sea Snakes and one of my favorites, Seraphim Shock. If you want some good old fashioned heavy guitar slam-industrial, be sure to check out this band on their next stage if you can. And pick up Gemination to spin whenever you feel like torturing your speakers.

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