REVIEW: Mercury Boy – “Get It Goin'”

By Dan Century

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Get it Goin'I'm not a happy camper. I'm a depressed, frozen, overweight, high-cholesterol, aching, angry camper. Not only am I in the midst of the twelfth coldest winter in recorded history, but I also have a broken molar, a torn rotator cuff and none of my pants fit me. I'm ANGRY, ANGRY, ANGRY, and Mercury Boy is only making things worse.

Why you ask? How could a seemingly innocent 4 song EP from New York cyber-popsters Mercury Boy only make things worse? Why: because they're just too happy and positive – that's why. Keep It Real, the first track on the album, features the lyrics "keep it up, keep it goin', keep it real." It's so happy and positive and only makes me angry and negative.

Mercury BoyReally, it's a shame that they're just too happy and positive because the music is pretty good. If Mercury Boy was singing about the hopelessness of life, or how his girlfriend dumped him, or how people in the future are jerks just as they are in the present, this EP would be a whole lot better.

By the looks of the CD artwork Mercury Boy is some kind of space detective living in the future. He's holding a gun that looks like a cross between a gun and a 1940's manual typewriter and he's dressed like a dude in a New Wave club circa 1985, in fact, he looks a lot like Gary Numan. I was actually looking forward to listening to the EP, thinking that Mercury Boy is a New Wave / Gary Numan fan, so how bad could it be. Well, Mercury Boy sounds nothing like Gary Numan, and as they say in the future: c'est la vie.

Despite the cyber and futuristic theme of the album artwork, there isn't a single synthesizer to be heard on the album. Mercury Boy is a traditional modern rock n' roll band: part pop-punk, part post-punk, part hard rock and part of whatever kind of rock the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is. Imagine a band somewhere between Fred Schneider, 7 Seconds and the Clowns for Progress and you'll imagine Mercury Boy.

If you like your rock to pop, without synthesizers and a huge dose of positivity give Mercury Boy a shot. If you're miserable like me, you should continue to listen to Mortis, Burzum, and Turbonegro, and wait for spring to come around.

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