Chain Border

Well kiddies, that will do it for now. I have a stack—and when I say stack I do mean that quite literally—of mailings that haven’t yet gone out. Cash flow problems has caused some serious grief with a lot of things, and Legends is suffering because of that as well. So when I get some expendable cash, I will mail them as I can—including this issue. Ways to help of course is to throw us a small (or big) ad (or two) because that I can hide from Laura and put straight towards getting these issues in hardcopy into your hands as promised! But until I have the cash—deal with the web baybee, since that I can afford right now.

Next month we’re going to slow it down a bit as the staff and I get caught up. There’s yet another stack—and yes, again, when I say stack I mean that quite literally—of CDs that have come pouring in and we will get to, write up and review each and every one of those fuckers. You can expect my own reviews to start picking up steam as I do more and more to keep things up to date and keep my staff from lynching my sorrowful writer’s-blocked arse. Just in case you haven’t noticed my doing that already in this issue.

So let’s see if we can’t get things back on a monthly schedule kiddies...enjoy this big fat fucker that is the late Legends #141 in the meantime.

Peace, love and all the trimmings (but NOT the FAT!).

Marcus Pan
June 21, 2004—2259 EST

Legends Online