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OverheadBack once again with... Stroppy synthpop. Or modern EBM or futurepop or whatever The Kids are calling it this week. Given that the rest of Europe considers the UK scene to be hopelessly out of touch, presumably because of the US/UK techno edifice, I shall hopefully be forgiven for sounding like someone's parents.

Anyway, we're in familiar territory: Octave basslines that have been giving sterling service since the dawn of Giorgio Moroder, multi-fingered Access Virus lead borrowed from mainstream Eurotrance and made slightly less anthemic – not so much ‘reach for the lasers' as 'reach for your lager' and the thing that EBM-people do that resolutely isn't singing.

I guess it's the functional equivalent of a football chant, though the sentiment certainly isn't, "You're going home in a Gloucester ambulance!" or indeed, "Let's all take drugs and have sex!" It may be, "Monopoly capitalism is an inefficient method for distributing wealth!" or, "Erk! Crushed by the wheels of Heaven 17!" but I'm not sure.

It's...competent. Good, even. In that there's nothing to actively dislike, and I know damn fine that I'd cheerfully bounce about to it like a malfunctioning robot given a couple of pints and an up-for-it dancefloor.

Then the Moonitor remix lurches up like the Studebaker from OC and Stiggs and turns out to be Really Bloody Good. The busy bassline is gone, replaced by this loping thing and regular depthcharge-like synth blasts. It rocks like a bastard in a lazy and diesel powered manner that is somewhat like the genius Leftfield and Lydon.

It's chased out of the speakers by the homicidal and shouting thing that is the Tim Schuldt mix. Loud doesn't even begin to come into it. A crack squad of metallers have been parachuted in to liberate the track in the name of the Thrash Guitar Popular Front and they're not bothered about taking prisoners as they thieve all the tanks they can lay hands on to go ram-raid a brewery. It's over quickly though, which may or may not be a good thing.

Best track (of the four mixes of the one song) is still the Moonitor mix.

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