REVIEW: eROTic – “…A Million Empty Lives”

By DJ Mortimer Steel

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...A Million Empty LivesWell where to start here. My first thought: the band name, "Erotic." WTF?

And then I thought well, let’s give them a chance now. The CD goes in and the first track starts off with some quirky electronic stuff then changes into what can only be called “pure crap.”

Now I hate to do bad reviews no matter how bad someone is. I always try to find something positive about what they are doing. Now on the plus side, if the singer stops the whiny voice and uses his powerful screaming metal sound then maybe I could swallow them a bit easier. The chorus in the song Tried is pretty cool. Then comes the whining voice totally killing the power parts.

The electronic drums at times do not match the metal guitar riffs being applied rather well; just not always in sync with the electronics they are trying to use. It's almost as if they are new to all this and have a few things to learn. Some of the keyboard work in the beginning of Problems lead you to almost believe some black metal is about to creep out, but falls way short of first impressions. I actually find myself turning the volume down because it's just too much to bear. And I love to crank shit up so, well need I say more?

My advice: if you're a kid or a newbie looking to really piss off your parents this one will definitely send them over the edge. But now if you’re a bit older and are looking for some good well recorded music then you certainly won't find it here.

My thoughts are this: there are some good ideas bouncing around, but no actual direction being taken in order to come up with a more tight knit sound. A bit more practice and a couple of negative reviews may find these boys either packing it in or coming out a year or two from now to really make us all eat our words.

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