REVIEW: Foetal Void – “Know”


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KnowWe start with a noise that sounds like a chap who smokes sixty a day chasing a bus uphill on a frosty morning. Remarkable, but nothing to do with anything else. Actually, this sounds like prog-rock. Not in the awful, triple-gatefold concept album and dressing like a daffodil sense, but more in a vast pile of analogue synths that require a dedicated team of technicians to keep running one.

Remix one (smallband) is by turns Demoscene, Blancmange and documentary programme about room-filling machines that may someday be shrunk down to the size of a small van. However, all present are fully aware that they can emulate those machines in Java on their PDAs.

Remix two (snuff pop mix) is a lusher and more luxuriant effort. Like getting lost in a shag-pile carpet warehouse with a brainful of wild psychadelic drugs and nothing to listen to but all the ringtones on your mobile phone. Then the security guard arrives, but it's a robot that can only communicate by ripping up bits of newspaper and showing you the individual words. Rip rip rip "You're" rip rip "nicked" rip rip rip "you" rip rip rip rip "slag." it goes, in a frankly pointless manner.

Remix three (marylyn) begins in one of the Maunsell defensive forts erected in the Thames estuary on a foggy evening in mid February. Two decks below, a team of midgets are hard at work blowing bubbles of nitrogen through several large barrels of sump oil, while another squad assemble a generator set and searchlight on the improvised helicopter deck above. Before they can finish, the radio bursts into life – the transmission's scrambled, but the two bursts of white noise are the pre-arranged signal that the helicopter is two minutes away.

The final track takes place in a ferroconcrete bunker hidden deep under a mid-80s New Order record being played at the wrong speed. It is at once filled with ennui and nightclub carpet as Jan Hammer takes us on a tour of the premises on the miniature railway that runs round the perimeter.

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