Chain Border

Well what a crappin’ long time it’s been my little kiddies. Uncle Marcus has been fuck-all busy with everything from having babies, surgical procedures, soccer games, coaching clinics, political dick fights and the Springtime wake-up of the grounds. Hell-all to you if you don’t like it.

But however I do have a consolation prize for all of you this month. I’ve decided to take all the reviews and articles planned (and quite frankly, which I’ve been off dicking around the rest of the staff has been hard at work sending me things to edit that I take too long to get to….) and drop them all in one big-ass issue of decadent delights. Upwards of thirty full length reviews this month. Of course the staffers, who at one point thought they were ahead of the game because Unky Marcus has been too busy to do shit about nothing, are now looking at their deadlines as they loom closer going, “Well holy shit, he just fucked us!” And sometimes I do my friends…

Nonetheless, all you bands and labels waiting for your reviews here they are. All of them as of the time of this writing. I have a freaking pile of shit that has come in since—but everything that’s done is here. So spank about it and enjoy.

That’s about all I feel about saying in this here column. After all, it’s been a few months since I’ve thrown together an issue, and I aim to remedy that, and in an effort to do so I’m really stoked about putting this here issue together and I’m all itchy to get started. So sit back, soothes even the most savage beast.

PanMarcus Pan
June 16, 2004
2109 EST

Legends Online