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Space and TimeGah! Beginnin gs always annoy me. Anticipation? Bollocks, more like. Anyway, not there anymore. We're...somewhere shiny. Far too shiny in fact. I keep sliding off things and sounds slip and gurgle away like mercury. Thankfully, I can kick toe-holds in the substrate and slowly make my way to an open window where I climb inside the building. Outside, the devices that had been polishing a tramp are now busily engaged in removing the evidence of my climb.

It's like I'm wandering around on the inside of the great wheel-like space station from 2001 and Ganymede are the house band. Everything is white and plastic and clean and shiny. Especially the music. There's no irregularity here to get a grip on so your ears just slide off the music and it's just like listening to fog.

It's a rather well-executed fog, mind. Globbering backdrops mixed with glacial monosynth that remind one of seventies BBC science programmes. Laboratory-grade synthpop? Yeah, something like that. Music for space-stations? Definitely. In no small debt to S.P.O.C.K.? Absolutely.

Oh, soddit. We all know I'm going to bang on about it being too polished. I mean, you'd think that synth music would be at its best when originated in clean-room conditions by people wearing decontamination suits, but some minor amount of dirt is required to keep things interesting. Unless you're Kraftwerk, of course.

It's a shame, I think, because I should really like this sort of thing. It's just...not doing anything for me. Like going out with someone who's good-looking and has an interesting career and set of opinions and who you really enjoy knocking around with as a friend, but there's just a lack of...spark between you. Having said all that, Space and Time is sitting comfortably between Neon Lights and Heart of Glass, even if it is only drinking mineral water and tutting pointedly at the people passing round the Lambert & Butler opposite.

I'm sorry, I can't go on. Please – it's not you. Really. It's me. I guess I have unresolved issues, or something equally self-regarding like that. It's just that I think taking things any further would be a mistake and then there would be this awkward distance between us, which would be totally unfortunate because I really like you as a friend. Of course, if you want to go out, get drunk and have meaningless sex...

... Which is what happens across the remixes on disc 2. One pub and a random techno club later the pair of you are sitting in a corner as the E peaks, entirely comfortable with the idea that you're not going to fall in love, but having someone to collapse into bed with after a night of dancing like a maniac sounds damn good right now.

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