REVIEW: Jenn Vix – “3”

By May Wiseman

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3States that thrive inside the camera-toting-yuppie pockets, you’ll not find much interest in creative local minds, or desire to seek realms outside the main attractions in search of intriguing local music (unless your visiting Austin, Texas maybe). The music scene in Rhode Island should be sparse and staunch when considering a great solo act, such as Jenn Vix, can remain just that – a solo artist. Though Rolling Stone took notice a few years back, she still remains silent even throughout the greater indie community. We all hear about musicians paying dues – and could do without hearing the bloody remark neigh time again – but that’s probably the case here since 3 exudes professionalism in every sense.

Sound quality is some of the best forty minutes I’ve heard from a no name indie group, starting the disc with this fused mix of Goth rock, synth-pop and EBM. Doll Heart, track one, is stuff for headphones since the dynamics are built into that “one speaker at a time” concept. Where the sound switches from side to side while smooth Jenn Vix vocals are imbedded into the music. Friend Ryan Tassone contributes freestyle guitar for this song (as well as tracks 2 & 7) and is well worth the mention since he seems to know where his riffs compliment Jenn’s music.

Open Your Eyes is one of the quieter tracks that holds this almost new age quality on the synth tracks and its concentrated mix. People would probably do yoga or something mentally strenuous to this. It would be a good soundtrack for a perfume commercial. The end of the disc plays a remix, or continuation of this track called Open Your Mind.

Half way in there’s this mini-jig called Electronic Tribute to Toshiro Mifune. It’s a mouthful sure, but the loose groove is something you’ll be thanking Toshiro for indeed. The amplified distortion plays backdrop for heavy bass and provides most of the texture found on the instrumental. The favorite tune on 3 is Sunrise of the Mind. It’s such an eclectic blend of acoustic guitar tracks, synth overlay that singe the sounds body and layered vocals that sap up your brain and make you press repeat.

I’m not a fan of the solo artist – only because I always feel like there is such a desperate quality in the music – like the person says “if I can’t find a band, I’ll do it myself.” And the finished product is some hack junk with poor quality that reeks to its pervasive end. Moby did it, but that doesn’t mean everyone should try this. Jenn Vix does it and she does it well. I near hope she doesn’t find a band.

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