REVIEW: Complex Machine - “Cyberactif Death Machine”

By May Wiseman

Chain Border

Cyberactif Death MachineThis disc’s ilk is a gem for collection. Oh, these Complex Machines. Truthfully, I’m not the big rave partygoer that the Cyberactif Death Machine suggested I am. Always preferring to stay at home and let the tunes come my way, or what I’d consider the party. What everyone else is doing doesn’t necessary fit with all our plans. I’m like most Americans that stay home; except for college folk (hey college people can’t really be considered American’s right?). We’ve already done that stuff, but it’s always the best to hear what kids these days are diggin’ since that youthful ear brought us this far. It’s just good to be in the know huh?

This little compilation of ravin’ fun is kid oriented at times and makes you feel old if you’re beside yourself with the “know.” Out of ten tracks, half of them are dedicated to the kids that never read reviews or even consider that there really IS a competitive market for DJ’s in such tunes. The Complex Machine guy put a few on for the kids. The other five are for us stay at homer’s though.

One, Four, Five, Seven, and Ten. These are the tracks you want to pick up. All five are subtle in bass and completely Brian Eno. If you’re an Eno fanatic, you will see the resemblance in the dynamic keyboard work. Surrender (one) grabs attention so that you’ll want to hear track two or three. That’s bad news, unless you’re a raver, since they are both made up of generic timing with the robot doing triple time. Isn’t’ Life Wonderful (four) builds ambient rhythm into symphonic rhythm through bass and delicate keyboard work which flows right into Out of Darkness (five) that exuded the same addictive structure as track one.

The Offering is such a relief after six and makes the listener realize that the Complex Machine guy (yes it’s just one guy that goes by the Goth name “Acyd Burn”) is better off accepting his 30’s instead of trying to go back to live his 20’s. Cycotropy will just plain piss you off. It’s a great song with everything in place – great song structure having the ability to pull you in just right, but you had to wade through those other two before you could reach the final frontier.

If you should happen to attend the occasional rave, you’ll be quite please to obtain this disc. You may even want to pick it up like the local radio station (WI) since the disc appears to be obscure and could be considered to your rave groupies a HIDDEN gem. There are some local DJ’s I know that I’ll be passing this off to just to make sure it gets played. If not to see how you people respond huh?

Back to the unfortunate: Unfortunately, there are too many obstacles in the way of our ambient tech we so crave. Rave is not as pervasive as a cherished movement where we could just relax and not have to worry about the what, or where motive. Just the pure electricity of how meditative we actually got. The disc has this potential, but there are too many disco riffs on here to distract along the way.

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