REVIEW: Garden of Dreams – “Sparkle Shimmer Fade”

By May Wiseman

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Sparkle Shimmer FadeMost have had a night where all you want is to take refuge in the coziest room in your house and do stuff you like all by yourself. Right? Then a friend or two comes along, all jacked up on coffee or soda pops, whatever. They want to go out. “Come on! We’ll just ride up the road and see what’s going on?” Begging. Searching eyes falling on the comfy clothes you armored as soon as you got home. “Go change…”

Perhaps you feel poor for your friend(s), and you cave. Thinking, “Damn! All I want is home! I’ve got to find new friends – ones that just stay home and don’t venture out unless they work. Nobody gets me.” Grumbling, you find the cleanest jeans and tee shirt available then load up in the automobile. “Why are we heading downtown? Shit!”

Before you know it, you’re sitting in some smoky establishment and soon find it’s coming not from cigarettes, but yes folks – the proverbial fog machine. Knowing you’re a passive idiot, you’ve given up and waited for the beer to kick in. Some band comes on and sounds halfway decent. Toward the end of their set and near four brews they sound pretty good. The next band makes you nostalgic and arouses an onslaught of remember when’s.

If that next band were an 80’s glam knock off, you would probably be happy you were hearing them live. Simply, it’s something better witnessed than heard surrounded by the quiet walls at home. You probably find yourself being glad these people got you out of the house and decide that they can be your friends again. You’ll get at least two days of good mood from the performance alone.

Garden of Dreams would be the band you saw. They’re the indie industry’s liver. Sparkle Shimmer Fade lacks originality in sound, however produces this you better come see us do this live jive to it. Since vocalist Gene Blalock carries the same high-pitched vocal as did many pop bands back in the day. The guitar leads blaze in the same fashion as Tears For Fears and the sound just sort of hangs around in the back round. This is anything but guitar rock, thankfully.

The greatest quality about this band is their retro 80’s keyboard player. Rueben Chew shall not elude the listeners since he knows how to work it and proves he’s not afraid to use the entire keyboard to his advantage. Using old school effects like the symphonic guitars as an extra filler for their rhythmic sound. The missing piece in the five piece ensemble that you would have to actually see live to appreciate.

Fade is right! Soon after receiving the album for review, the band split up. Now commonly known in the greater Hollywood, California area as “The Faded.” Irony? Still too soon to tell which members reside since their site is new, but hey, maybe you guys will remember this information and be on the lookout.

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