REVIEW: Neon Dream – “Anodyne”

By Acyd Burn

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AnodyneI have always wondered what happened to Andrew Eldritch. Seems he's fronting a band called Neon Dream. Well not actually, but one can't help listen and think Andrew is up to his old tricks again. I really embraced this CD the other night. I really like all the influences that weave in out of this CD's foundation. Elements of black metal, post punk and Sisters like vocals provided masterfully through the lungs of Klaus. The structure reminds me of The Vision Bleak. This band really captures an era revisited yet also provides a fresh use of influences that bring their sound to one that is all their own.

The CD starts out with a short into known as Incoming. The sounds of children laughing making you wonder what is about to happen as if this CD is about to explode and it most certainly does. Neon Dream kicks it in with black metal keyboards washed with eighties metal guitar work and a goth rock backdrop courtesy of the vocal prowess of Klaus who sounds very much like you know who.

Whining Sounds chimes in next. People have been waiting to see the Sisters Of Mercy actually release an album these days instead of talking about it. One could say it may sound like this, but in my opinion I'd say Neon Dream most certainly pick up where The Sisters left off. Really great goth rock in the old school post punk eighties sound that never grows old.

Red Light Anodyne: Now this song really is cool. The intro guitarwork reminds me of a Randy Rhoads scenario. Picture Randy Rhoads with Ozzy’s band, Robin Trower and Andrew Eldritch having one big goth rock jam session. This song just plain kicks ass! Entrain: The guitar work I must say is incredible and the sound is deep and so clear. This track starts out slow and melancholy, but suddenly bursts out of the darkness with an upbeat section that oozes eighties new wave. Bands like The Psychedelic and New Order come to mind. If There Was a God evokes melodic keyboard work and female chorales that create a mellow melancholy feel. Ending things up with Overscreening, Viable and Lilith.

This nine track CD is comprised of impressive production and Neon Dream have definitely secured a new fan from this writer. The mixtures of eighties new wave, post punk, goth rock, black metal and doom really create a CD that claims Neon Dream is in fact picking up where The Sisters and Fields left off and rekindles the new wave of death rock and goth rock that's finally making an impressive comeback. Bands like Neon Dream, Screams For Tina, The Vision Bleak and so on really make one want to dig up those old Cleopatra CDs and reel in the years. Anodyne is a great CD and well worth grabbing up if you can find it. Highly recommended.

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