REVIEW: Nothing - “The Spine Overshadowed by the Rope”

By Ray Van Horn, Jr.

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The Spine Overshadowed by the RopeIt takes brash assertion to make a statement such as, “…the further away music gets from music, the better…the healthier it’s going to be for music. Music overall is sometimes a pretty bad idea, an awful thing.” Quoted by Michael Patton on the liner sleeve to Nothing’s The Spine Overshadowed by the Rope.

This button-pushing preamble is assumedly the words of Mike Patton, renowned vocalist for Faith No More and Mr. Bungle and experimentalist extraordinaire for Fantomas which makes its inclusion on Nothing’s CD no less flamboyantly opinionated. While this reviewer has nothing but respect for the work of Mike Patton, such a steadfast point needs an equally steadfast counterpoint considering the material on Spine reflects this manifesto earnestly. Despite the fact that a mere two minutes of Britney Spears inarguably supports Patton’s view, why then is seventy minutes of numbing nothingness such a good idea?

Kudos to the highly inspired title, Nothing’s The Spine Overshadowed by the Rope is nonetheless an exercise in hollow coldwave that luxuriates itself so much in its celebratory vibratums it is a wonder what the group, consisting of Jason William Walton and Michaeljvhensley, are trying to stimulate: an aural overload of the ear canals? If so, a job well-done for, like so many of Nothing’s peers, the demanufactured sound bypasses the jugular and aims straight for the neuron channels behind the eardrums.

Not stimulating, but dulling the spine, if that indeed is the project’s muse. The empty resonation of this work and others like it leaves that average listener helplessly paraplegic. That being said, perhaps this is Nothing’s purpose…to stray from any conventional semblance of music structure and simply bludgeon the audience to death over it’s two depressed tracks, one of which was recorded live. Yikes!

Perhaps it might be said that because of the consistency in which this reviewer approaches recordings of this ilk, he just doesn’t get it. Fair enough. Granted, there is an artful quality to this music and for those who are fans of the genre, Nothing has something to offer them. As far as this reviewer is concerned, this music is more suitable as a horror track to some obscure indie film, as the two genres make agreeable bedfellows.

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