Chain Border

Marcus PanI’m cutting this one a little short folks, just to make sure that it gets out on time. I’ll be reigning in the staff over the coming month to get set up to plop down Legends #144 in early September (as this issue hits the website around the same time) and get things back on track. The server for Legends Online is now new, faster and much more reliable and the backup server still holds all of the PDFs for your free downloading enjoyment dating back to the 90s. We’re inching up on the big One Five Oh issue in early 2005 and there’s talk about throwing a bash of some kind, some how, some where, so we’ll keep y’all posted on that.

In the meantime keep reading, keep submitting and keep surfing. Readership online is up and the hardcopy editions are getting better looking every month so we’ll just keep doing what it is we do. Catch you all next month when we drop into another round of dark fiction, rants, rambles, reviews, interview and whatever else the rest of us and I get around to farting out on a page…

Peace, love and all the trimmings…
...but NOT the FAT!

Marcus Pan
July 28, 2004
2336 EST

Legends Online