REVIEW: Goteki – “Goteki O/S: Corrupted Files”

By Marcus Pan

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O/S: Corrupted FilesPreviously, many eons ago, this band was called Sneaky Bat Machine(1). But they walked through a time portal or something like that and came out the other side looking somewhat familiar, and calling themselves Goteki. They started by releasing a CD called Fight the Saucermen which was reported as being, "highly recommended" by one of our past reviewers(2). Goteki's main jam is simplistic yet effective. Take some club/house rhythms, surround them with eerie and futuristic keyboards and vocals and voila', you have something listenable.

On Goteki O/S: Corrupted Files, the songs have been remixed and hacked away at by various notables in the EBM and industrial/electro genres. The tracks are originally from the debut release on Wasp Factory (UK), Goteki O/S. Because this is a remix CD, it can get a little over-reaching in its scope, such as during track 3, Piranha Advancement's Helt Konge Rmx by Icon of Coil. It just goes on a little longer than it should. But then again remixes are, by definition, somewhat repetitive. Once again you face it in the Chaos Engine remix of Surveillance.

Now this isn't overall a bad thing. It detracts little from a CD that otherwise has decent music that you can groove to and I'm sure if spun over a moving floor nobody would notice that they've been stepping for two minutes or four to a certain song. The music is otherwise tight, pro and well crafted. One of my all time favorite bands that I haven't heard about in a long ass time appears here to remix We Go Chrome into the T1000 Rmx. Sigue Sigue Sputnik, well alrighty! They turn We Go Chrome into a humming emulsification of future-laden electro and smooth well-traveled beats.

Carol Masters' remix of Autoloader is one I could have lived without, being somewhat boring and dying a horrible death from the previously mentioned repetition style. It has some saving grace however with the trumpet that is added to provide at least a little change from the never-ending rhythm and farty bass sounds. Many are like this. The second mix up of Piranha Advancement by .Intron.Depot. uses some of the most stock bass and beat samples. They're so stock that I can't even put my finger on the last time I've heard it, but I bet it was back in high school.

The best track of the album hits on track eleven: Do Not Listen to Goteki. Remixed by Deathboy, it really crunches. Superb future-pop here with constatntly changing rhythms and beats and lots of things going on, so it doesn't fall prey to boredom like the other tracks on Goteki O/S: Corrupted Files. This is followed up by the melodically built Unlimited Lives Retroist Rmx by Project 65, another good track that concentrates more on the keys and highlights rather than bass and underscore. A very catchy keyboard melody rides the track through to a nice destination.

So that's Goteki's latest remix CD in an electric nutshell. While a bit overdrawn and simplistic, the songs will hold their own in an XtC laced club experience where time is not a factor. They spill one into the other rather effortlessly like orange juice and mix together nice and lay on your tongue sweetly like a tab. Not suggestible for home use (unless you have a really big living room with lots of floor space), but fans of this genre are sure to find more fun as Goteki rattle and run stroppily from track to track.

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(1) Legends reviewed their Boneshaker release way back in issue #97.
(2) Stated by Pat Hawkes-Reed in Legends #119.

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