REVIEW: Lucid Dementia – “The List”

By Marcus Pan

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The ListLucid Dementia fell of the map years ago after I had reviewed their previous album, Twisted(1). That was way back in July of 1999 and not long thereafter I couldn’t reach Sheldon and crew anymore. Suddenly, recently, a package arrives from them and I pull out a new album by my old friend Luci – The List. It’s good to run into old friends sometimes.

Alien puppet Luci is still keeping it real with her whining ways and kick ass lyrics. This time around the music is more solid, cleaner and contains a higher level of professional mastering. While Twisted was a fine CD, there’s something about The List that stands above it – maybe Sheldon, Holly, AzilX, Uxeful & Twitchy simply grew closer and were able to tighten the act, or maybe they had more dollars to spend on the production of The List than they did on their first full length.

Lucid DementiaRight from the start, the lyrics of Lucid Dementia reign supreme. Always pushing the sarcasm to its limits and striking against humanities various hypocricies from Luci’s wiser alien perspective. Following a short and whispery intro, I.R.T. (Interrupted Radio Transmissions), which bills itself as musings of insanity, the CD kicks in with LD’s music. The Lucid Dementia Show has a very carnival atmosphere to can almost see the big oversized bobbing caricature heads bounding about to the music. It's catchy, upbeat yet laced with a twisted darkness that is wound and into the keyboard riffs of the music. The gist of the song is simply Luci’s introduction and hellos to us as we delve into her insanity. Creep steps up the heaviness of the album with added guitar riffs interspersed with toy piano and Lucid D's trademark whisper-yowl vocals combined with an excellent sliding bass line that drones through you. The lyrics of this song are some of my favorite; “…we treat them like sheep and count them while they sleep.”

I Let it Go is a more serious sounding piece, where Luci steps back into the rear guard to support the vocals of Sheldon (as himself). I Don't Belong kicks up the metallic edge with the chorus. When on the other hand takes a more symphonic approach, with some vocal harmony that I just can’t quite put my finger on to describe – it’s eerie, subliminal and strangely soothing yet wicked.

Lucid Dementia was one of my favorites in the long ago past (relatively speaking, anyway). I’m very happy they’ve not gone away completely and have come back to create The List – the same vein yet world’s better than Twisted. I wrote this review just so I can keep the single copy they sent me.

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(1) Reviewed in Legends 88.

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