REVIEW: Von Magnet – “Electro Flamenco”

By Marcus Pan

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Electro FlamencoHere is a truly unique mixture. This four track Electro Flamenco EP was submitted to us so that Von Magnet can give us a "hint of our forthcoming album." Fusing Spanish flamenco classical style with modern electronic and EBM grooves, Electro Flamenco is a breather in the rash of same-done ho-hum electronica pouring over this editorial desk.

Opening with the nominal Electro Flamenco Mimetic Mix. True to heart flamenco acoustic guitar is melded with surrounding high-paced electronic beats. It's very refreshing to hear and quite enjoyable. The acoustic guitars is live and created by Sabine Van Den Oever, then applied smoothly by Von Magnet to modern day drum 'n bass to create an infuriatingly upbeat and catchy tune. The following How to Breathe opens with strong taps that slowly fuse into rhythms, reminding me of the Stomp Broadway show. This is further interspersed with floating melodies and deep male vocals. Interesting, yet forgettable, but fortunately short.

Ma Peine is another experiment in electronics and flamenco guitar. Much more interesting than the previous track. If you enjoyed the acoustic strumming of Sabine Van Den Oever, he really shines in this track with the guitar at the outset and the surrounding electronics being left to apply with subtelty only to provide a guiding directional focus. Adding in surrealistic vocals that do more "aahing" at you than speaking, the song moves ahead into unchartered territory and seemingly takes Electro Flamenco further into a funky oblivion. Closing with Morirme, the deep male vocalist is back to open the song before it goes headlong into a future-pop frenzy dragging you along. Taking on a more rap-style of lyric utterance rather than the previous in How to Breathe, I can't get past the idea of "Rappa Espanol" to find too much enjoyment here. I'm sorry – it's just me.

Once again, the fusion of flamenco acoustical guitar with future-pop electro is a fine mixture. Electro Flamenco and Ma Peine are two tracks that stand out in recent memory that offer something new and interesting to fathom. While based on these two tracks being fine, and the other two being something I can do without, I'm not about to go running out for the album. But if you're looking for something that takes two mainstream ideas and pulsates them together into eclectic fusions, then Von Magnet’s Electro Flamenco is worth a listen.

Contact Information:
Von Magnet
Post: 57 Rue del Eglese, 77370 Fontenailles, France
Phone: (068) 521-5873

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