CD Review

Bunker Soldier—“Triple Threat”

By Manda L. Earp

Triple ThreatIt seems like the underground electronic dance music scene is alive and well, thanks in part to musician Timothy Tyran and his solo act, Bunker Soldier. His newest album, Triple Threat, is powerful proof that this underground phenomenon should come above ground and pursue the mainstream scene.

Released in 2004, the three-song Triple Threat is an amazing blend of heavy bass, intricate chord structure, lightly hypnotic keyboards and catchy dance rhythms. Not that Bunker Soldier has ever had a problem with anything amazing; Tyran’s first album, 1996’s Quite A Dilemma, was very popular all over New York, beating out groups like The Offspring and The Barenaked Ladies to take the top spot on radio station play lists. Even the great state of Texas was heavily influenced by Bunker Soldier; Quite A Dilemma’s song Infection was used as the opening music for the Dallas Cowboy’s radio broadcasts in 2002. The tradition of greatness continues with this third album, and though Bunker Soldier has little to prove, he still manages to show his audience that he has what it takes to remain a powerhouse in the electronic industry.

Triple ThreatTriple Threat’s first song, Warlocked, is a Middle-Eastern influenced blend of powerful harmony and eclectic techno rhythm. Best described as a blend between Sting’s Desert Rose and the newly remade Hindi Sad Diamonds, this track is original, eccentric and a testimony to the creativity that Tyran possesses. One of the best things about this track is that, with the exception of a few opening notes, there are no vocals to distract the listener from the wondrous arrangement of this composition. The other good thing about Warlocked is that the rhythm and beat change a few times during this three and a half minute song, showcasing Tyran’s originality and attention to detail. This is such an intriguing gem of a song that it will make you want to get up and belly-dance across the room (which, in most cases, is a good thing)…

The second song on Triple Threat, entitled Flying, is a track ready for mainstream radio release. With a catchy intro that sounds a bit like something from the popular dance game DDR, you’ll find yourself hooked from first note to last. The female vocals on this song are decent – not fantastic or particularly mesmerizing – but in tune enough that most listeners will enjoy hearing them. And though the words are a bit simplistic, the beat is so appealing that it hardly matters. Flying is a song that would do well on most popular radio stations and it’s easy to see how this song would flourish in most dance clubs, whether they are underground or mainstream.

The third and last track on the album, entitled Firewall, is what I would call a more traditional techno/electronic dance song. However, this track is still highly creative, weaving together industrial and gothic influences with dark undertones and an upbeat tempo. The mixture of sounds is eccentric and unique, and Tyran ends his 3-song album on a very good note (pun intended).

Triple Threat is only 11 minutes long, which is just not long enough. In fact, if Bunker Soldier released a longer, more thorough album, I’m certain that it would sell very well in any locale, at any club, to any lover of quality music. Timothy Tyran’s talents are exceptional and rare and there is no reason that his music shouldn’t become a more powerful influence as he gains more exposure in every musical scene.

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