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REVIEW: Buzz Bomb Jel Shot

By Dan Century

Buzz BombWho doesn’t love a tasty novelty alcoholic beverage? Who doesn’t love Vampires? How about a Vampire themed tasty novelty alcoholic beverage - that’s love times two! Vampe Drinks has developed an entire line of Vampire themed alcoholic beverages. No Goth-themed club or Halloween party would be complete without them.

Vampe’s Buzz Bomb Jel Shot is a real treat for alcoholic Goths and Buffy fans everywhere. Imagine a miniature bag of blood - just like they have in hospitals - but instead of blood it’s filled with plenty of red gelatin, zesty vodka, sugary sweetness, cherry flavor and various quasi-stimulants like Guarana. Or maybe it’s filled with human blood! Whatever the case, I assume that if you suck down enough of these you’ll get both "buzzed" and "bombed" (I don’t know for sure, because they only sent Legends one shot).

Remember to drink responsibly, never drink and drive, and make sure you’re back in the coffin before sunrise.

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