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Cruciform Injection – “Epilogue”

By Marcus Pan

EpilogueOnce again we step into the world of gritty industrial with Epilogue from Cruciform Injection. Another release on the Negative Gain label. This is the group's fourth album, and they stand firmly in the Haujabb, Eyekandy(1) and Filament 38 area with recognizable musicology.

Choosing from a collection of thirty songs to make up Epilogue from their 2003 works, I find that they did choose their tracks somewhat wisely for this release. There's certainly nothing bad on the album, although you can say it does suffer from the "more of the same" disease on occasion. 120 Over 80 for example opens with stock melodies and synthwork courtesy of Kassi Cork, and Micah Sharitka's vocals are similar to hundreds of names I can spend hours listing. But again, it's nothing bad. If you like the industrial dance sounds this is certainly right up your darkened alley.

Vacant Bodies steps up the grooviness with some real bouncy bass under which vocals are twisted through. I've been waiting for almost half the album now to hear Brendon7's guitar, and I'm thinking it should kick in somewhere around here to round out the heavy percussion. Before I forget, I should let you all know that Jason Nemitz handled sound production on Epilogue (and I'm not quite sure if that was more musical application or mastering application by the term), and Ryan Whittlinger rounds out the band's stage presents on percussion (on some shows). Still I wait for the guitar they tell me is in here somewhere...

I really hate these kinds of reviews. I mean I can't say that Cruciform Injection is "bad" or anything of the sort. They are good. Just like all the other new industrial out there – "it’s good." I might even add it to my growing personal collection which is saying something right there. But nothing jumps out and hugs me and blows me and gives me head here. Nothing even jumps out to bite me. But it's "good." I hate these kinds of reviews – I want to go into more detail, but I already did on other reviews of industrial dance from other folks and said the same thing I'd say here. I don’t like to repeat myself – ask my kids.

Let's talk more about the band. Cruciform Injection has been playing for over six years now. They've shared stages with some serious favorites of the genre – Razed in Black(2), Assemblage 23, Cesium 137(3), The Azoic(4) and Psyche(5). They've put out three previous albums: Biomechanical Disintegration in 1999, Response Stimuli in 2000, Critical in 2002 – and all on Negative Gain as this is their own label that has grown to encompass new outfits. They've appeared on Cryonicz Tanz Vol.2, Elektrauma 6.0, the Thirdwave Collective and even Cleo's Unquiet Grave 2000. So you see they can't possibly be "bad."

I will listen to this CD again and probably somewhat often. It's comfy here. There's nothing new that will scare me out of my reverie. I've wrapped myself up in this stuff before and taken naps. It's nice, soothing…I know this place. If change is bad, and sometimes it can be, then Cruciform Injection are where I want to spend my evenings.

(1) Eyekandy’s first and only real release, Dream Kill Dream, was reviewed in Legends #100, though we did blather about their previous demo in #92.
(2) Last RiB review was Oh My Goth! in Legends #117.
(3) Our last Cesium 137 review was in Legends #129 and discussed Regrets.
(4) The Azoic, a Legends favorite, was written up most recently in their review of Conflict only a short while ago in Legends #140.
(5) One of my personal favorites – Legends interviewed them in Legends #116 and we’ve reviewed a number of their releases.
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