CD Review

Dissecting Table – “Power Out Of Control”

By DJ Mortimer Steel

Power Out of ControlOne could easily picture walking around some sort of steel factory while the work is in full swing. The grinders are doing their thing and the sound of metal being slammed into shape by a dozen hammers echoes like thunder in a lightning storm. Dissecting Table live up to their name in regards to dissecting sound and creating lavish soundscapes. The opening track, Uncontrollable, starts out with lots of intense variations in sound. They actually squeeze a drum beat in with what can only be described as pure chaos at its best. The best elements of the noize scene are represented here complete with all the metallic abrasion one might expect from such an outing. The song does display melody at times to completely transform into a full on screech assault. Uncontrollable does manage to combine many elements other then sonic abrasion. There is a great use of drums, piano and guitar here, not your standard noise fare.

Bottom comes in at track two and at first you may think this one might actually have a danceable tone to it. A few seconds into it and you realize this is a full on tweakfest. Traditional noize at it's best veering from screeching hell to industrialized manic mayhem. The use of common noize sounds are here like all noize oriented material, but the way its woven into stomping Industrial overtones is done with precision and one doesn't take away from the other in terms of sound.

Naturalism comes in with Skinny Puppyesque vox and a hard industrial overtone. Veering from stomping industrial to disturbing eerie soundscapes and drone elements. You may actually find me spinning this one on the Batcave from time to time. Reminds me of the early nineties industrial scene. Go Beyond the Limit; if Hell had a soundtrack playing as you entered its gates this may be close to what you would hear on your way in. Kick ass distorted basslines and deathmetal. It’s songs like this that may bring one not so fond of the noize scene a little closer to the genre because of its industrial friendly overtones.

I am new to the band but from what I've heard from tracks like Naturalism and Go Beyond The Limit I'll be digging some more of these guys up for my radioshow and adding them to regular rotation here. An aggressive outing but you wouldn't go to a punk club if you couldn't get into the pit now would you?

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