By Marcus Pan

Marcus PanThe Foreword, it seems, has become a section of this magazine that is normally jumped over. The last eight issues of Legends had three Forewords in them. I guess I’ve just been either rushed, too busy, or just not in the mood to talk to you.

This month I’m not in the mood to talk to you. I’ve been attempting to quit the nicotine habit for the past couple of weeks, with varying levels of success, and am currently in the middle of a 38 hour nicotine fit hell. But I’m sitting here in the office doing everything I can to just concentrate on getting this done. It’s having only middling success.

Regardless of that...this month we’re kicking out a ton of reviews. Over 20, probably as many as two dozen by the time I finish. We’re trying to catch up and start bring the waiting down on CD reviews and the first step towards that is an issue that simply CRANKS all of the completed reviews into your veritable laps.

And this is one of those...