CD Review

Heath Yonaites – “Rim of the Sun”

By Ray Van Horn, Jr.

Rim of the SunCall it 2002: A Space Dirge. Multimedia artist Heath Yonaites, whose expressionistic paintings call to mind Dali to Magritte to Monty Python, has come up with music as expressionistic as his visual art. A sixty-five minute coldwave denigration entitled Rim of the Sun. Expressionistic yet abstract and highly acrimonious, Rim of the Sun is lurid, often lifeless and nugatory with its freeform vacancy.

Seemingly a delineated musical odyssey through the void of space reaching to the perimeter of the sun, this four-song project pummels the listener senseless on Lacus Somniorum Sinus Asetuum. Artsy in title, unnecessarily brutal in execution. The hollow crashes and smoggy basslines lose themselves in a wormhole midway through Rim of the Sun. The title track and The Oort Cloud are both serene to a fault, the strained silence compressing heavily on the eyelids and worse. The listener is never rejuvenated, despite the harrowing crunch of the finale, Chandrasekhar Limit.

It stands to reason that Rim of the Sun is too inflated to be taken all that seriously. The intent is noble and enviable and in many ways the tracks would serve better with the spacey visuals it takes its inspiration from. A glance at the very accomplished visual work of Yonaites signifies there is exciting talent stemming from his mind.

However, the story Heath Yonaites is trying to tell through this caustic and uninhabited disc can be easily hedged down from his gratuitous sixty-five minutes to a mere buck forty. All one need do is to have a go with Terry Tucker’s equally sinister yet oppositely exquisite Overture to the Sun, found on the soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange. Sometimes brevity has its advantages.

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