CD Review

Radial – “Nexus”

By DJ Mortimer Steel

NexusIs noize the next wave? Soundscape and videogame junkies may get a lift with this one. Complete with the tweakery and screeching you've all come to love so well. I am still green in the subgenres of noize which like all music splits like mutating cells so we all play catch up. Nexus is comprised of eleven tracks and after a listen or three one thing that did stand out was the use of video game-like sounds incorporated in some of the tracks. The CD starts off with the song Scent. As if a journey into the center of the earth…as if in some sort of cavern, maybe climbing into the caves pictured in Lord Of The Rings. An impressive use of sounds here; echoing bass and the banging of steel bellow loudly with enough background textures and sound you'll be coming up with a new sound each listen.

Falling Stars rolls up next with a fast paced glitchy intro into a sonic assault of 200 BPM electronic madness. 4:33 of this may cause someone to commit suicide at some point. Shattering Teardrops with its use of sounds conjure up images of crickets and other bugs on some space terrain. Other sounds could possibly be taken as movement on a terrestrial plain, somewhat serene, then you could also see the picture drastically change as if a war in space had just erupted and life on this planet is scurrying. is pure metallic abrasion. Four minutes of it, too. Good for some, others may run for the hills. Splinters: Possibly PsyGlitch…is there such a genre? Soundscapes once again lead into a full on electronic assault. Glitch and distorted drum and bass with some sci-fi elements – a signature sound element on this disc. Scales: Not much happening here. Seven minutes of drum and bass with some scraping soundscapes going on.

Crosses: The opening of this track conjures images of raindrops hitting electrical wires complete with thunder. For me this CD sets me more into mind play then a VnV Nation track would. I'm finding this very experimental or avant-garde. It seems to work this way as it plays on your mind a bit more. Mysterious and chaotic all in one package.

Affliction is Space Invaders music on PCP baby! This one comes at you like an electro tornado – a raging mass of nuclear wind. I rather like this one a lot. A nice use of serene soundscapes that turn into mass electronic chaos at the flick of a switch. Epithet, Liberation the remix and Vent finish up the disc.

If you enjoy soundscapes and power electronics this CD has all the ingredients I think I am missing a lot of what was composed here, a surround sound system would probably shed a whole new perspective of the sound. The ever-changing textures and tones work wonders in terms of track length. A couple of songs didn't do much for me, but again I'm not a huge fan of this genre but can find a viewpoint for someone that may be considering listening to some experimental material. This review can be viewed from a newbie perspective. The production is flawless and the composition done well. Overall from the experimental and noize CDs I've reviewed, this is one I did enjoy. A job well done here.

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