By Auntie PanPan

Auntie PanPanLeo
You are becoming too predictable. Time to do something a little more nuttier than usual.

Quit yer bitchin’. Everyone has a shit life, too. Why should you be any different? Either do something with your life, or just shut the hell up.

No one expects you to actually have a clue. Yet you keep surprising everyone when you aren't the one getting in trouble. Why? Because not only are you smart, but most of your friends are a special kind of stupid.

You are too kinky to have a PG rating.

Are you having fun annoying idiots? It's good to always have a hobby. I know it's hard to tolerate stupidity, but you do need a paycheck, huh?

Stop head butting people! Just go back to bed and shag that fabulous Leo you found just lying around.

Gee, you piss people off. Its no wonder they don't want to talk to you. Go figure. I hope this gives you a clue. Stop acting stupid

Its time to invest in some really good footwear. Also say things that actually mean something! Stop babbling about absolutely nothing.

You are so happy with yourself. Now if we could get you out of your shopaholic tendencies, you may just be able to pay your bills.

Stop holding out on your spouse or loved ones. Stop hiding money from everyone including yourself. You keep hiding stuff, then you bitch about how you can never find anything. Duh!

Location is what you are into right now. Are you living in the right place? Are you having sex in the best park? Needless to say...location is always that which makes you the happiest and the horniest.

Stop hiding. Why the hell are you hiding? Maybe it's time to become a drag queen.