By Marcus Pan

Legends #1And there we go with another issue. We’re struggling right now to catch up with all the music reviews as you can tell and that trend will continue for at least another month or two as we all try to get CD reviews to a 3 month timeframe if at all possible. The Off the Shelf column is picking up lots of steam as well, and you can see that I myself have been burying myself in plastic to get a lot of these reviews done as well for ‘ya. I’m very happy with my producer right now so while he handles all the business shit I can get back to the glory of writing...which is why Legends started way back in ‘90 anyway.

This issue actually marks the 14 year anniversary of Legends Magazine. You can see a snapshot of the first issue up above...a long way we’ve come. Issue #150 is creeping up soon too.

Next month, we’ll be bringing you a virtual ton of reviews again...and that’s about it as we get caught up. I have some feature fiction coming up early next year also—Chancellor by an old friend, Jeff Franzmann. And The Green Man, a fantasy debut by writer Len Rely. Both of these feature illustration by Zubrovka.

Marcus PanYou’ll see some new Off the Shelf reviews, many more recent. An interview with Jeremy Needle, author of Elizabeth Must Die which was reviewed in this issue, coming soon. And Harper-Collins is now servicing me regularly with unreleased and upcoming material as well so that column is set to grow as we move ahead.

I mentioned next galore. May Wiseman is now cleaning up after she got hit with multiple hurricanes down in Florida, so she’s back on the ball and is slowly starting to catch up on her reviews. And with missing a month or so in the recent past the CD piles grew nastily so we’re concentrating on getting all those out for all of you bands and labels waiting. More than twenty five full length reviews planned to run in 146 and, unfortunately for some of you that aren’t into the music and are waiting for new fiction and such, not much else. I can’t be dropping 50 page issues these days…

Marcus Pan
Editor, Legends Magazine