CD Review

Batzz in the Belfry – Demo

By May Wiseman

Battz in the BelfryWho hates California? Freaking beaches with water splashing your ass, bitches on skates, hot assed sunshine, and Botox.

Rather arid in humanity, and plentiful in plastic. Plastic folk on every hot dog stand, sexing up the vendor. Crazy, wild life those people want to be a part of; and try so desperately to steadfast a daily regimen. Like they are indeed in some other part of the world that you can’t sex up a hot dog vendor that looks major hot?

Most have traveled the worst sin crap there has ever been in one days worth of living, if visiting that sunny Cali. Myself included. Music has never been good there – it all sucks. Hating the “Whisky,” or bands so brazen to admit they are from any tri-state area. Give me New York. Give me the U.K. Give me Cuba… Please give me my Japanese imports for the love of God: just don’t send me music from California!

Listening to disc No. 137 from hell (find portfolio on “May Wiseman,” and find that I do indeed keep track because it’s all so generic), there’s a band called Batzz radiating a five-track disc my way. There’s what I’d call an EP of course, and one that easily passes me by with California glitz and non-glam. Of course no press kit sent this way so their disc is meaningless at hand, properly reviewed, or considered for that matter.

Play says whew, near like “Oh! I’ve discovered instant pancake mix” kind of feel. Compatible to relief that potential band exhumes the state, a vibe being a word grossly overstated in a concept album such as this.

If guitars found themselves jacked up inside the common instrumental like M83’s or Electrelane (Rock It To The Moon) we could be nothing but groovin’. Only one worth being mentioned would be track four (Aspire To Heaven), and that just pisses me off enough to think up all the stuff you just read. I just wish these folks would gather enough strength to know that they have that intense chord progression to know that there are similarities. That they could make it with the music alone At least the second keyboard player; whichever you think that might be, that could be the next fixture in electro-indie-rock.

Contact Information:
Batzz in the Belfry
Post: P.O. Box 4405, San Leandro, CA, 94579-0405