CD Review

V/A – “Collective Consciousness”

By DJ Mortimer Steel

Collective ConsciousnessThirdwave Collective is a growing army of weapons grade electro-industrial artists from across the Midwest that combine resources and likeminded ideas into a mass artistic musical portal. Formed by bands in the Chicago and surrounding areas this collective retains some top notch performers and this compilation retains some top notch music as well.

The collective is spearheaded by Jason Hollis / ENDIF whose track Ashes starts off this stellar disc with some radical glitchy industrial, driving beats and synth driven percussion composition. This track has plenty of pep despite the lack of drums. PTI – Icons comes up next. It starts off with a creepy intro then unloads a full on driving industrial dance track. Vocals are done well and a good sense of composition has been done here; nothing boring or repetitive. Y-LuK-O – Further is track three on a kick ass compilation. The Leatherstrip vocal processing is definitely an influence here and gives the extra added angst to this track. Driving guitar chops, slight noise elements and driving beats make this one a keeper.

CEOXiME – Beg and Plead: this band is no stranger to me. Dub, trip hop and breaks keep this track pumping and will make a welcome addition to my radioshow. Sultry vocals done with slight delay to add that extra bit of spice. Well done indeed! Infinity Interrupt – S.E.P. dishes up Midwest power electronics and hard industrial. An abrasive collage of sound on this track. It veers from beat driven to abrasive noize composition changes which add to the diverse sound. Nothing impressive, but I wouldn't hit the next button.

Cruciform Injection – My Solution – these guys come courtesy of the Negative Gain label. Your standard synth driven industrial. Not one of C.I.'s better tracks though. The vocals just doesn't fit well in the mix and at times can be annoying. Sealed In Silence’s Todeswunsch offers old school darkwave. This sample filled low BPM track is in the vein of older Leatherstrip, Wumpscutt and V.A.C. Cryostate – Slow Asphyxiation bounces in with up tempo industrial electronic floor stomping melodies. A welcome addition to any club playlist. A driving dance beat, slightly processed vocals and nice synth layers. Cryostate keeps the floor moving with Slow Asphyxiation. Add it to your play list.

12 Stitches’ Sickness includes subtle industrial dance. Restrained yet dark, the melody is well constructed and the end result will remind you of Skinny Puppy with early darkwave overtones throughout. The latter portion of the track gets slightly chaotic, but tapers off to a serene ending. Nicely done. Lukostyk – Let Go of Me - A Y-Luk_O sideproject offers guitar driven industrial dance. A combination of driving percussion beats, trippy vocals and the crunch guitar work. Compliant – Wide Eyed Innocent finishes the track list of the CD. This track has a cyber punk feel to it. If you like it raw this one is for you.

Mr. Hollis and the Collective have put together a fantastic compilation as nearly every track on this CD works for me. Most are standout and noticeable tracks.

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