CD Review

Flutter – “Toys in Coin Machines”

By Dan Century

Toys in Coin MachinesToys in Coin Machines is a tough CD to review, because it is so "girly" – I simply cannot relate. It doesn't compute. It doesn't fit with my beer chugging, Discovery channel watching, he-man rock n' roll lifestyle. When I use the term "girly" I mean stuff like My Pretty Ponies, Jem dolls, shopping at the mall for 7 hours in a row and then returning everything the next day, owning more than 5 pairs of shoes, listening to Roach Sisters albums and "thoughts and feelings" – all stuff that frightens a shallow Cro-Magnon like myself, causing me to run to the forest and hunt deer or wage wars or whatever else he-men do.

That said, aside from my inability to connect with the lyrics, Toys in Coin Machines is a fine electro-pop album. Their sound is slightly primitive and unpolished, which gives the album just enough of an edge to mix well with other underground electro-clash bands. Christine's voice is simply gorgeous – so many excellent female vocalists have come from Chicago in recent years, and she's at the top of the list.

There are some great moments on this disc. Come With Me, a post-rave party anthem perfect for getting psyched for going out and partying. The multimedia-rich CD comes with a video of Come With Me – watch it and you'll feel like you just drank a pot of coffee: totally energized!

4th Day, a very funny track on which singer Christine buys a pair of pants specifically to make her "ass look good" in order to make her ex-boyfriend eat his heart out. And to be honest, after hearing about her ass for the nth time, I actually went to their web site looking for pictures. Sadly I couldn't find any.

For the DJs: Flutter will mix exceptionally well with Madonna, Bis, Chicks on Speed, Freezepop, Yeastie Girls or just about any edgy electro-pop with a female voice.

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