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Null Device – “A Million Different Moments”

By DJ Mortimer Steel

A Million Different MomentsA name I've heard in circles and have read about…now I finally have the chance to hear the band known as Null Device. I have mixed feelings about this CD upon first listen. The synthpop tracks on the first part of the CD have no comparison to the last track entitled Speechless which is a mix of world beats and neo classical work that is exquisite and almost sounds as if another band was at work here.

The stringwork in some tracks are notable and there is no doubt the musicians are well rounded musicians, but all seem wasted as the vocalist becomes my gripe with the project.

To me this whole retro synthpop thing is pure cheese. It reminds me of some bands I've heard on the Ninthwave label. You will unfortunately find no big elaborate glowing shiny review here and those who enjoy this genre may have another opinion, but to me it definitely wasn't worth what they paid for. Not only the CD package, but the quality studio time spent on the flawless production work.

There are aspects of superior musicianship found in world beat compositions in tracks such as Travelogue that are beautifully arranged pieces. Then you get the Casio pop. Extreme love for the genre would be the only reason for its release. I certainly don't see this being played at the local EBM club.

A Million Different Moments is comprised of twelve tracks and track twelve is the only one I found appealing. Nearly worth the sticker price for Speechless alone, but unfortunately nothing else got my attention. While some elements of this release are stellar this is merely a surface scratch as to the CD’s entirety. Better luck next time.

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